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US Warfighters Reintegration & Recovery (R&R)

TO: The United States Department of Defense                                                  DATE: October 6, 2017

SUB: Reducing the suicide rate of the United States Armed Forces and Veteran Affairs

It’s time to take accountability. Warfighters R&R is an organization led by a warfighter and to inspire warfighters’ with fortitude to change the intellectual thoughts, society, and atmosphere of decades of misrepresentation that service members experience. There have been decades of failures as we lose over eight thousand a year which calculates twenty-five a day from suicide deaths. There haven’t been any programs designed that has worked to reduce these statistics. The approach this foundation have created is a different angle to flank this serious problem. Humanity must take this epidemic and make it a priority.

Unfortunately, organizations decide to call our warfighters wounded, disabled, and homeless that have led the public to believe or perceive they are damaged commodities. How much longer will society focus on the negative perceptions associated with the extreme fruition of serving the nation? Warfighters R&R is an indefinite membership with comprehensive treatment starting with a mental health assessment by certified, board approved professions to provide accurate long term care. Those who are established in their respective branch with passion for the cause to go above and beyond the call of duty is the first step in becoming an (WIN) Warfighter In Need advocate.

We all have a sense of responsibility to be involved proactively, beginning with our family members. Suicide doesn’t discriminate against race, gender, ethnicity, or any human being. The warfighter and family may have overwhelming problems which may cause to see no options, difficulties to find solutions, and may seem hopeless. Depression treatment, family counseling, and a Warfighters R&R will be a start of a new beginning. A celebration of weddings, anniversaries, and a retirement festivity getaway to exhibit appreciation to the service member and their entire family who have dedicated their lives to serve the American people deserve time to recover.

The warfighter and family may have overwhelming problems which may cause to see no options, difficulties to find solutions, and may seem hopeless.  This one on one counseling will laser down the critical needs of warfighter’s and their family who face daily challenges. Warfighters R&R seeks to bring a sense of realization and balance by providing one hundred percent paid leisure activities to those with everyday stress of a warfighter. These serious issues sometimes develop and turn into thoughts of suicide.

Mental health treatment for the warfighter must be guided as a personalized treatment away from the military installation for a proper diagnosis; realize a mental illness does not signify the end of a normal life. For those who receive the correct treatment, living with mental illness is possible. There are multiple forms of mental disorders, which is why a treatment method needs to tailor the individual. Warfighters R&R offers treatment programs design around the warfighter who may think everything is fine until we provide the best psychologist during their decompression in a tailored environment discussed with the warfighter and plan coordinator during the coordination segment. We have a team of professionally trained staff at the agreed destination with all financial obligations completely covered by Warfighters R&R. The preeminent platform to treat any other conditions such as substance abuse and addiction must be discovered, which can undermine recovery. This will provide multiple forms of therapy and holistic treatment methods; this will establish a treatment built for the warfighter. The focus of treatment is to help the warfighter readjust to society through a network of support forever. The network of support starts with Warfighters R&R. Therefore, this decision has their family members and their love one’s part of healing process.

The Armed Forces of the United States of America should be valued by all Americans to learn about how these exceptional individuals, who are less than one percent of the American population. This family foundation is passionate to act led by Rafael A. Ortiz, a twenty-two-year veteran of the United States Army proudly served with the 82nd Airborne Division and the 173rd Sky Soldiers. The founder has always displayed a warrior spirit; never wavered showing courage and selfless service throughout almost five years of operational deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. The same performance, inspirational leadership, and steadfast devotion to continue the similar success to intervene with our veterans and provide the best mental health treatment, family counseling, and financial planning. The Department of Defense and Veteran Affairs can change the enculturation of the United States on the exploitation of service members and allowing them to tell their story with the mentorship of Warfighters R&R.

The Department of Defense and Veterans affairs have access to every warfighter who served in the military, therefore this memorandum is a request to direct a Commander’s policy mandating warfighter’s to register at www.warfightersrnr.org to connect with astounding assistance and an opportunity to share their story with the community under proper guidance as the healing improves their readiness. Millions of dollars have been spent on programs within the institution and the increase of suicide continues to rise. The divorce rate, domestic violence, and dependents are all provoked by the lack of mental health care. The stigma given to those service members reaching out for mental health, at times cause a career ender within their chain of command.

Warfighters R&R will employ thousands of warfighters’ to use the skill, experience, and leadership they once enforced leaving no one behind. Once the warfighter receives an adequate evaluation, he/she will take on the world and feel the same purpose as when they joined the military to support and defend the United States Constitution.

Rafael A. Ortiz

MSG (retired), USA

Warfighters R&R, Inc







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