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30 Jan 06. Coda Octopus and the Center for Ocean Technology (COT) at the University of South Florida Jointly Demonstrate the Maritime Security Capabilities of the World’s First Commercially Available 3D SonarCOT’s ‘Mobile Inspection Package’ Incorporates Revolutionary ‘Coda Echoscope’ to Capture Real Time Images of Underwater Intruders and Mine Like Objects; Transmits Them Via the Internet to Remote Command and Control Centers

Focusing further attention on the significant anti-terrorism role expected to be played by revolutionary, new 3D sonar technology in protecting the world’s port and harbors, marine technology leader Coda Octopus (Other OTC:CDOC.PK – News) and Center for Ocean Technology (COT) at the University of South Florida last week held a joint demonstration in Tampa Bay of the COT developed Mobile Inspection Package (MIP), featuring the Coda Echoscope, the world’s first commercially available real time 3D sonar.

With top military and homeland security observers on hand from around the world, and national media coverage, the Coda Echoscope — on board a small research vessel — successfully located a variety of mine like objects placed on harbor walls in 3D and in real time. Images and data were transmitted in real time via the internet to a remote command and control center where they could be shared and rapidly analyzed by personnel with secure access.

Proud Of Our Role

Jason Reid, CEO of Coda Octopus, a marine technology leader, which over a ten year period has developed the Coda Echoscope, said, “We are extremely proud that we have been able to reach the commercial stage with this revolutionary technology so that we can make it available to fill the growing demand for it as a key tool in the worldwide effort to fight potential terrorist attacks on our vulnerable ports and harbors.”

A Powerful Instrument

Larry Langebrake, Director of the Center for Ocean Technology, stated, “The Coda Octopus Echoscope is indeed a powerful instrument. Its unique ability to provide crisp, clear 3D images that are easily interpreted by the untrained eye make it ideal for underwater security. Working with the talented team at Coda Octopus Group has allowed us to accelerate our efforts to build and deploy port security systems.”

What’s Ahead

Coda Octopus said it has now delivered four of the first ten Echoscope units that are on order around the world and it is strengthening its manufacturing capability to deliver many more in the months ahead. It noted that additional tests by the U.S. Navy are scheduled next month and it expects steady growth in new orders as testing and utilization of the equipment continues.

The ‘Mobile Inspection Package’ Featuring The ‘Coda Echoscope’Working with Coda Octopus, the Center for Ocean Technology has successfully integrated a number of complementary sensors including the Echoscope 3D real time sonar and a survey-quality navigation system and refined the approach to underwater inspection in the port and harbor environment. The result is a readily understandable 3D data product where the exact location of every target is precisely known and available in real time, which allows for intuitive operator analysis. The data from the MIP is visible from the support vessel and is also simultaneously sent back in real time to a command and control center. This means that the MIP system will integrate well with other existing security systems.

About Coda Octopus

Founded in 1994 as Coda Technologies, Coda Octopus is recognized internationally as a leading developer of underwater technologies for imaging, mapping, defense and survey applications. Based in New York, with R&D and manufacturing facilities in the UK and Norway, its key products include Octopus precision motion sensors, Coda and Octopus marine software and systems, Octopus thermal printers and the unique Coda Echoscope — the first real time 3D subsea sonar —

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