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By Julian Nettlefold, Editor, BATTLESPACE

13 Sep 07. WFS Ltd conducted a demonstration at DSEi 2007 to show the feasibility of a surface vehicle or Unmanned Air Vehicle to rapidly gather data from underwater sensors or vehicles using underwater Radio Modems. In a military situation the data could be from covertly located monitoring sensors deployed in sensitive areas or from covertly deployed Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). The Radio Modem will be based on the WFS S1510 Radio Modem which is a two way, half duplex radio system that can communicate through the water/air boundary.

One half of the system was located under the water and text messages, generated on a laptop on the dock side, were linked down to the underwater modem which will, in turn, transmit the message to be picked up by the above surface modem mounted on a De Batt RRIB.

The RRIB had the other end of the Radio Modem, linked alternately with two
loop antennas, the first to simulate picking up data on a small craft or Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV). This antenna was temporarily fixed to the upper surface of the RIB. The second antenna was located on an aircraft, supplied by Tasuma. The aircraft will be mounted above the RRIB to simulate a low flying UAV. The vessel will pass over the underwater modem, initially with the RRIB Mounted antenna connected. Transmitted text messages will appear on an LED Display mounted on the RRIB. The RRIB will then repeat the pass but this time with the UAV mounted antenna being used.

WFS Ltd is the world leader in underwater RF technology. Privately owned, and using innovative work practices, WFS exploits the synergies between telecom and security industries to rapidly bring to market advanced, cost effective solutions for both above surface and underwater roles.

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