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Nov 06. The Bell/Agusta BA609 a/c 60002 performed its first flight on November 9th at AgustaWestland’s facility located on the Italian Air Force airfield at Cameri, Italy. The first flight was completed successfully at 15.07 with Mr. Pietro Venanzi, Pilot and Mr. Herb Moran, Co-pilot onboard. The rotorcraft performed left and right peddle turns, forward and aft flight maneuvers, several take-offs and landings, nacelle position changes and stability testing during the flight which lasted 52 minutes. Further flight test activities will take place during the next months in accordance with the test plan.

20 Nov 06. RAFAEL Armament Development Authority Ltd reveals excellent results for the SkyLite B, mini-UAV in flight demonstrations held in Australia and New Zealand last month. In cooperation with RAFAEL’s partner in both Australia and New Zealand, Codarra Advanced Systems, a series of flight demonstrations were held first at Waiouru, New Zealand Army’s military exercise and training facility for over 100 official government and military representatives. The SkyLite B completed several flights; some in extreme weather conditions of -6°C and winds of 35 knots constant and wind gusts of 55 knots. In those flights, the SkyLite B was able to locate and persistently track specific ground targets, move between targets, while at the same time, and despite the very high and gusty winds, relay impressively stabilized imagery.

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