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Nov 06. L-3 Communications has begun the first customer shipments of its next generation ROVER III data links, adding the ability to decode multiple subcarriers from L and C Band analog and C Band digital signals. This new capability supports add-in software to decode the proprietary metadata transmitted on many Unmanned Aerial Sensor (UAS) platforms. The new ROVER III is the major component of the U.S. Army’s One System Remote Video Terminal (OSRVT). (Source: Shephard)

11 Jul 06. U.S. Patents
Pub. Number: US7130741
Appl. Data: 10 20031023
Applicant: International Business Machines Corporation
Inventor(s): Bodin, William Kress
Redman, Jesse J. W., Thorson, Derral C.
Title: Navigating a UAV with a remote control device
Abstract: Navigating a UAV, including receiving in a remote control device a user’s selection of a GUI map pixel that represents a waypoint for UAV navigation, the pixel having a location on the GUI; mapping the pixel’s location on the GUI to Earth coordinates of the waypoint; receiving a starting position from a GPS receiver on the UAV; calculating a heading in dependence upon the starting position, the coordinates of the waypoint, and a navigation algorithm; identifying flight control instructions for flying the UAV on the heading; and transmitting the flight control instructions from the remote control device to the UAV. If you would like to purchase a copy of this patent, please call MicroPatent at 800-648-6787. (Source: Shephard)

Nov 06. Technest Holdings, Inc. was selected by the U.S. Army to develop and prototype a real-time motion tracking Video-Moving Target Indicator (“MTI”) surveillance algorithm, SmartMTI. The SmartMTI system will be able to successfully detect, extract and track the locations and movement history of multiple targets in real time within any image data. Technest’s design improvements to existing MTI technology include: random air vehicle motion mitigation; false alarm rate reduction; low bandwidth surveillance accuracy and efficiency; robust tracking of an unlimited number of targets; and, accurate target location. The design of the SmartMTI uses a variety of mathematical models in a unique design that considers the “state” of the object and uses a combination of state-of-the-art motion detection and target tracking methods to improve tracking reliability. (Source: Shephard)

Nov 06. Tartan Racing completes 50 mile trial. Yesterday the robot completed its first 50 mile endurance test running with the complete planning system, and simulated perception. We achieved a top speed of 28mph. The only glitch was a memory leak which, at 36 miles, forced the restart of a process. The problem has already been identified and a software fix is already in the pipes. (Source: Shephard)

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