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Jun 20 02. Following extensive trials of vehicles submitted by the three FCLV contractors, Alvis, INSYS with ACMAT and Vickers Defence Systems, the UK MoD is belived to be close to issuing a final ITT next month for Demonstration, Manufacturing and Support (DM&S) Phase, with the preferred bidder announcement in December.

The INSYS solution based on the ACMAT vehicle was displayed at Eurostaory and reports suggest that the vehicle has been well received by the UK DPA trials team. The INSYS Team includes Ateliers de Constructions Mecaniques de L’Atlantique (ACMAT), and Marshall Specialist Vehicles (MSV). In another development, United Defense (NYSE: UDI – News) announced on June 20th that it will bid on the Demonstration, Manufacturing and Support (DM&S) Phase of FCLV Program as prime contractor for the existing INSYS Limited team. This will strengthen the INSYS team bringing in a major US defense contractor building on the ACMAT expertise built on many years service with the French and 60 overseas armies with a number in service with UK Special Forces.

United Defense was selected by the INSYS led team, to lead the team as prime contractor in the competition for the DM&S Phase of the program. The existing INSYS-led team successfully competed in the previous phases of the FCLV program.

“The work undertaken by the INSYS team has resulted in a highly capable solution which meets all of the key FCLV requirements. FCLV remains an important programme to INSYS and its team members. To ensure that we maximise the competitiveness of our solution, we have decided to bring United Defense into our team as Prime Contractor for the DM&S phase of the programme. This will add the benefits of United Defense’s Prime Contractor experience, resources and technologies to our strong competitive position,” said Brian Hibbert, INSYS Managing Director.

“United Defense is fully committed to winning and executing this important program and the opportunity it presents to grow our global presence in the United Kingdom, and to create closer links with the Defense Industry. We are looking forward to this competition and the opportunity to serve the United Kingdom’s defense needs,” said Thomas W. Rabaut, United Defense President and CEO.

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