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15 Sep 05. TRL Technology Ltd, part of the TRL Electronics plc group, showed BATTLESPACE Editor Julian Nettlefold the compact CES Force Protection Range, the latest addition to its field-proven Compact EW/ECM System (CES) family of portable multi-purpose communications equipment. Covering the 25-2500MHz frequency range, the CES Force Protection System provides an impressive range of jamming, deception and spectral monitoring modes in a compact battery-powered unit that can be employed in man-portable or vehicle-mount applications. The system is the direct result of more than 20 years’ expertise in the design, development, production and deployment of EW systems to provide protection against RCIEDs, with TRL Technology’s systems deployed by the UK MoD, as well as by other coalition forces.

All products in the CES Force Protection Range feature software radio-based architecture, allowing future proofing product enhancement over time by firmware upgrade, as well as the ability to apply variable, scenario-dependent waveforms to combat current threats to best effect. Upgrades and waveform loads can be applied in the field in a matter of minutes, via easy-to-use PC GUI-type tools. Frequency capability extends from 25 to 2500MHz, with power capability from 10W in manpack applications, to 100W in vehicle/fixed location applications where greater prime power is available. A wide selection of antennas is available for the various CES versions, optimised to suit individual applications and installation requirements. The design offers a range of jamming waveforms, including general purpose wideband/barrage modes, spot jamming and special purpose modes optimised for current RCIED defeat capability. The equipment includes receiver capability that supports responsive jamming mode upgradeability.

The available waveforms allow jamming of multiple threats simultaneously,
and can be readily and rapidly configured to meet new threat scenarios,
using the associated PC-based Mission Editor tool.

For man-portable deployment, the CES 0512 and CES 0512EF products have a
common, robust mechanical design while addressing different frequency range
requirements. They provide continuous coverage capability of the key 25 to
512MHz band, and selected banded coverage of the 880 to 1990MHz range at
power levels of 10W, compatible with manpack or hand carry deployment. In
the manpack role, the unit is mounted in a backpack with the antennas and
control panel accessible on the top face, and a long mission-life Lithium
Ion battery mounted below. Forced air cooling is provided for reliability
under high ambient operating temperature conditions. The unit also has
synchronisation capability to support interoperability with other ESM/ECM
equipment. Once programmed by a mission specialist, the unit is very simple
to operate, running automatically from switch-on. Operator confidence is
enhanced by the provision of comprehensive BIT, giving warnings such as
antenna failure, and low battery level, etc. The unit is designed in a
modular manner, allowing economical customising to user requirements for
minimum ownership cost and enhanced logistics, including adaptation to
different in-service battery types.

For integrated vehicle/fixed location applications, the CES’ threat stand-off range can be enhanced by the use of higher transmit powers. TRL Technology offers a companion 100W booster product (WBA 0512), which seamlessly integrates with the CES 0512 to provide this power capability while retaining all the flexibility of programming and waveform generation associated with the CES 0512. For ease of installation, particularly in vehicles where space is invariably at a premium, an integrated shock-mounted vehicle tray option is available. This allows a WBA 0512, a CES 0512 and a CES 0512EF to be mounted as a single robust unit, providing a compact and flexible solution covering key threat bands, including GSM.

TRL Technology is continuall

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