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05 Nov 03. The Transatlantic Industrial Proposed Solution (TIPS) for the NATO AGS Program has taken another significant step toward the realization of transatlantic cooperation between the NATO Member States. The TIPS Industries, comprised of European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS), Galileo Avionica, General Dynamics Canada (GD Canada), Indra, Northrop Grumman ISS International, and Thales, has successfully secured another two industry MoUs with the Czech Republic and Hungary industry associations in signing ceremonies on 3 and 4 November respectively. These MoUs demonstrate the increasing support and acceptance for the TIPS mixed fleet solution for the NATO AGS program, and underscore the TIPS commitment to industrial participation

Key members of Czech Republic industries including Jiri Hynek, President of the Association of the Defense Industry for the Czech Republic (AOP) met with TIPS industrial representatives in Prague for the symbolic ceremony on 3 November. At the meeting, which included high-ranking members representing different ministries, the Czech General Staff and industry partners, Hynek expressed his gratitude to the TIPS Industries and expressed his enthusiasm for the future cooperation of 11 key industry players from the Czech Republic in the TIPS program.

“We have concluded that TIPS is the best solution for the NATO AGS requirement and is a truly transatlantic program that will provide many industrial opportunities for our country. The cost share for my country will be decided by the government, but I know, based on our industry’s legacy and our most modern technologies, we will be able to contribute to the program in a significant way,” Hynek said.

Hynek announced that the coordination of the work share and involvement of the Czech Industries in the project would be managed by MESIT pristoje spol. s.r.o., located in Uherske Hradiste.

In addition, Hungary’s industries met with TIPS industrial representatives on November 4th in Budapest to sign an MoU with the coordinating company for Hungary Industries, the MOD ED located in Budapest. The presence and welcoming address of Mr. Zámbori Mihály, Under Secretary of State for the Defense Ministry and the National Armament Director, reinstated the importance of the occasion for the Hungarian Government, TIPS Industries, and NATO commitments. Dr. Tamas Rath, Director of the Hungarian Technology Institute, expressed his enthusiasm for the TIPS mixed fleet the long-term cooperation between the two parties,
“The AGS program and especially the proposal from the TIPS Industries for a mixed fleet of medium sized jets and HALE UAV’s is of great interest to Hungary and will be important to the NATO Response Force and NATO’s future Network Enabled Capabilities (NNEC),” said Dr. Rath. “TIPS represents true transatlantic cooperation between Europe and North America. We welcome the TIPS offer to re-use the high-end technologies that will be developed for AGS and made available to us for our national systems as a participating nation. The Hungarian industry will contribute effectively to the program, so that NATO will have at its disposal the transformational capabilities that only TIPS will provide.”

On behalf of the TIPS Industries, Hartmut Buhl, Vice President and Director of EU and NATO Policy at EADS, stated his satisfaction with these endorsements at a press conference in Budapest.

“The signing of these MoUs with TIPS industries reinforces the solidarity and the support of the Czech Republic and Hungary that was exhibited a year ago in the historical town of Prague during the NATO Prague Summit, and reinforces our commitment to full industrial participation,” said Buhl. “The capabilities and legacy of the Czech and Hungarian armament industries will allow TIPS to offer meaningful work share to the region. Both industries will wor

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