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2 Oct 02. The German Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB) has recently awarded Thales Communications GmbH two new communication systems contracts. The first one, worth 31 million euros, concerns the production and delivery of a third lot of the SEM 93 radio equipment. The second one, worth 20 million euros, concerns the delivery of the 2nd lot of the BIGSTAF FO-network segment.

The SEM 93 new contract, which covers the delivery of nearly 1000 SEM 93 equipment sets, spare parts and training facilities, will provide the Army with equipment required to ensure critical command functions. This third lot comes as a complement to two previous deliveries to the Crisis Reaction Forces and Air Defence Forces of the Army and the Air Forces.

On the network scene, the second lot BIGSTAF FO-network segment is to complete the equipment of the Crisis Reaction Forces of the Army. The first lot had already been awarded to Thales in April 2001 and the first network connection unit was delivered with success in March this year. The customer’s satisfaction on this first delivery has clearly had a role to play in the positive outcome for Thales on the second lot award.

Klaus Philippi, Managing Director of Thales Communications GmbH, commented: “These new contracts in Germany underline Thales’ ability to provide its customers with the solutions tailored to their needs through domestic proximity and the support of a global expertise network.” He also added, “For each of the countries that are shaping the European defence community of tomorrow, the chance to work locally with a pan-European defence communication specialist is a clear advantage as we move to greater interoperability requirements and software defined radio”.

The Group’s order intake from German clients stands about an average of €560m per year since 1997, with a peak at €820m last year. About 50% of the average order intake are met by Thales’ German subsidiaries.

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