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In order to partner with MOD and civil customers at the prime contract and systems integrator levels, Thales UK has created a number of Synthetic Environment Battlelabs in which Thales domain experts, systems and technical teams can collaborate with customers to articulate
conceptual challenges and visualise and evaluate the performance of candidate solutions. The linked networks of these battlelabs is titled the Thales Battlespace Transformation Capability (BTC).

The BTC is capable of high resolution virtual reality representations of real world environments. It is also being used to train military users in new tactics, techniques and procedures before deploying on operations. Recently the ISTAR teams within 12 Mechanised Brigade, and before them 3 Cdo Bde, used the facilities to better prepare for counter insurgency operations through mission training and rehearsal. This is specifically important in the wider collective understanding of the benefits of UAV systems, that currently cannot be regularly flown in UK airspace.

Thales BTC is contributing to capabilities on current operations and de-risking future capability delivery through investigation of the problems through all of the lines of development.

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