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1 May 02. Thales has teamed with the Titan Corporation to pursue Block II/III Upgrades to the US Army’s Prophet ground system. Prophet (AN/MLQ-40) is a High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (Humvee)-mounted, signals-intelligence system (SIGINT), capable of receiving, intercepting and direction-finding radios transmitting in the HF to UHF spectrum. When employed with other complementary SIGINT systems, Prophet can help create an electronic map of the battlefield. Work performed under the agreement will be undertaken by Titan’s Information Products Group, headquartered in San Diego, California, and Thales Defence Information Systems, based in Wells, UK. Titan will act as prime contractor and team leader and Thales will supply important elements of the SIGINT technology.

Mark Cook, managing director, Electronic Warfare (EW) at Thales Defence Information Systems, commented: “Thales has an excellent track record in the UK EW arena, having supplied the world’s most advanced tactical communications EW system under project Odette. Thales’ work with Titan on Prophet will be enhanced by the company’s key roles in the Soothsayer and INCE programmes for the UK MoD.”

“We are very pleased to be teamed with Thales on this important defence programme,” said Gene Ray, Titan’s chairman, president and CEO. “Titan is currently providing Prophet Block I receivers and systems integration to the United States Army and those systems are noted for being compact, lightweight and efficient in power consumption. Looking to the future, and working together with the Army and Thales, we are confident that we will upgrade to the Block II and III performance levels, enhancing Prophet’s mission capabilities while maintaining the system’s hallmark for mobility and flexibility so necessary in today’s uncertain global environment.”

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