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£232,000 (excluding VAT) has been spent on purchasing works of art for the MoD Main Building since 2001. (Written Answer, 9 Jan 08.) Copyright © 2008 Defence Research & Analysis (DR&A)08/03. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0803, 14 Jan 08)

The following extract is from Hansard, 10th January, Column 608. It followed complaints about ‘life-threatening kit shortages in Iraq and Afghanistan’ – which the Minister dismissed ….The Minister for the Armed Forces (Mr.Ainsworth): Absolute Bollocks.
Mr. Baldry: Is that a parliamentary phrase? We thank Adrian Graves for this.

New Scientist’s Feedback column reader Malcolm Bebb found the BBC worrying about premature babies: “At present doctors have no idea why one in three premature babies are born early,” says BBC online news. “And the other two aren’t?” he asks. More from www.newscientist.com. (Source: Transport News Brief)

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