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The 70 soldiers from 12 Mechanised Brigade who were entertained in the House of Commons on 29 Nov 07 (following their return from Afghanistan) were described as “the largest contingent of uniformed soldiers to cross Westminster Hall since the time of Charles I.” (MoD, 30 Nov 07.) Copyright © 2007 Defence Research & Analysis (DR&A) 07/47 (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0747, 03 Dec 07)

Barry Joseph has sent us some business anecdotes.
“MAJOR TECHNOLOGICAL BREAKTHROUGH.” — It works (sort of), but looks VERY hi-tech.
“CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS DELIVERED/ASSURED.” — We are so far behind schedule the customer is happy to just get it delivered.
“PRELIMINARY OPERATIONAL TESTS WERE INCONCLUSIVE.” — The damn thing blew up when we threw the switch.

New Scientist’s Feedback column reports that the first words of an e-mail Andy Potter received from FirstDirect bank were: “If you cannot see this email, click here.” (Source: Transport News Brief)

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