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Airbus A380 observations

“The facts so far bespeak trouble at Airbus at very deep levels,” wrote the IAG blog, run by aviation consultants (iagblog.blogspot.com). “We take no pleasure in this news, because the world’s airlines need a strong Airbus. How else can airlines keep Boeing honest? Boeing is a beneficiary of a strong Airbus. Boeing’s current success with the 787 is, in part, brought about because Boeing had to react to Airbus’ A330.”

‘Pigilito’, a geologist based in Switzerland, said the Airbus problems were related to the French and, to a lesser extent, European desire to “shock the world with its engineering prowess”. “This is a deep seated thing with the French. Every president for the past 40 years seeks to build some grand project as a fitting memorial to his rule.” (pigilito.blogspot.com).

The merits of Airbus’s new aircraft and rival aircraft from Boeing were a hot topic at the Professional Pilots’ Rumour Network, where some members were sceptical of demand for the A380, which will be the biggest passenger jet ever developed (pprune.org/forums). One member argued that medium-sized aircraft would continue to be more popular with passengers as they reduced the need for transfers between major hubs. “Everything that is connecting is at risk to an aircraft that can fly non stop between the two end points for the traveler.”
*The Florida-based blogger at rpv.blogspot.com agreed. “I never got the appeal of the A380 because… passengers are more concerned with point to point travel rather than going to a hub to catch another plane.” (Source: FT.com)

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