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01 Nov 07. Steria, a leading European end-to-end IT services provider, has confirmed the selection by the MoD to run the Land Systems Reference Centre (LSRC). The five-year contract, to begin in January 2008, will see a team with Steria, as Prime Systems Integrator, carry out system tests and technical evaluation for the Joint and Land environments. These activities are scheduled for routine work and as a support activity to pre-deployment of systems, as required, helping to reduce risks, improve efficiencies and ultimately increase performance.

The LSRC provides an independent test and reference facility for the acceptance and support of operational Communications and Information Systems (CIS) before and while they are deployed operationally. The contract, which is valued at approximately £17m, will see Steria, together with a core team of suppliers, manage and support the LSRC and its capability. Using ITIL-based service management, the Steria team will offer fast response to change and scalability to manage the increasing complexity of testing in an increasingly networked and joint operational environment.

Phil Hutchinson CEng, the MoD CSIS Integrated Project Team’s Project Manager for the LSRC, commented: “.the Steria Team offer an approach which equips the LSRC to deal with the increasing demands for testing and acceptance, as it uses internationally recognised best practice methodologies to deliver a cost-effective programme. We are confident that with the Steria Team we will have the ongoing means to support Network Enabled Capability, and to deliver the best possible service to our armed forces.”

The Steria Team brings together best-in-class SME organisations, offering an innovative solution for the LSRC contract to meet the demands of new projects scheduled to enter service over the next five years. As Prime System Integrator, Steria will be responsible for coordinating the team and managing delivery across the project. The members of the Steria team are:

SCS Ltd (SCS): Responsible for providing specialist management services and technical consultancy. SCS is a leading independent supplier of technical services to private and public sector clients, primarily in the defence and security sector.

Aspire: Responsible for delivering Integrated Logistics Support (ILS). It is an independent company that provides specialist support engineering, logistics and management skills, consultancy and training spanning the full spectrum of Supportability and Support Engineering.

Drumgrange Limited: Responsible for providing specialist test facility technical support. The Chertsey based systems engineering company has an established track record in designing, manufacturing, integrating, installing, and supporting reliable and cost effective electronic equipment and systems for the MoD.

Johnson Controls: Responsible for delivering facilities management support. It is the world’s largest provider of technical and facilities management services, predominantly in highly technical business critical areas.

The CSIS IPT sustains Command and Battlespace Management (CBM) and Intelligence information solutions in support of current operations, and the delivery of enhanced capability for the future.

The IPT manages a portfolio of 40 Command Support, Intelligence and information solution programmes and projects on a through-life basis. Its users include PJHQ, Fleet, HQ SOinC(A) and the Defence Intelligence Services.

Chris Bates, Steria’s Defence Director, said “the Steria team will bring a fresh independent approach to LSRC working collaboratively with both the MoD and other suppliers. Keeping ahead of trends, evolving standards and best practices is core to our business and helps us to understand the drivers and challenges our clients face.”

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