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09 Sep 03. UK company SST showed its new ruggedised computer solution to meet the requirements of the Type 45 AAW Destroyer fleet. Selected by BAE Systems for the role in 2002 the T45 FICS/Message Handling System UDT is compliant with Def Stan 5941 for EMC and Def Stan 0035 for ruggedisation, being able to survive a 70G shock. The system contains two processors on an Intel board and can switch between a system wide and restricted LANs when on ship. The initial value of the contract is put at £1.5m and will cover 52 installations for each of the three vessels in the Type 45’s Batch one procurment with units due to begin shipping by the end of 2003. Potential sales to the CV(F) programme are anticipated as the MoD seeks savings and commonality in the fleet with export potential seen as being through export of the T45 family.

SST also participated in the AMS led BATES MLU for the UK’s indirect fore C2 system, replacing the Winchester disc based memory system with a solid state solution enabling operation on the move for the first time. The system has a 128Mb memory, TEMPEST endorsement an AMSG788A, Def Stan 0035 and EMC protection to Def Stan 59 41 Land Class A. The system has the same look at feel to the operators with the speed of the memory system making use of buffering to slow the speed down to work with the BATES software. The subcontract awarded last year is valued at £2.5m for 150units.

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