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Jun 02. Science and Applied Technology, Inc. has successfully completed all of the Guided Test Vehicle (GTV) launches of the Advanced Anti-Radiation GuidedMissile (AARGM) program and is preparing for full scale development tocommence in 2003. The US Navy has requested nearly $49m for thefirst year of the System Design and Development (SD&D) phase of the programleading to low-rate initial production in late 2005 or early 2006.

The flawless performance of the AARGM seeker and Science and Applied
Technology, Inc. during the demonstration phase of the AARGM program has
proven the technology against non-cooperating surface to air threats.

“The Committee supports the Navy’s Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missilebudget request and believes that this weapon, begun as a Small BusinessInnovative Research initiative, has the potential to satisfy a criticalmilitary requirement for lethal suppression of enemy air defenses. The Navyrequested $48,700,000 for the AARGM program. These funds may be used tomaintain the industrial base prior to acquisition milestone completion and to initiate System Development and Demonstration efforts after theacquisition milestone is accomplished. The Committee encourages the AirForce to consider participation in this program.”

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