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08 Aug 06. Rolls-Royce has continued its development strategy in electrical systems by concluding an exclusive licensing agreement with Magnetic Systems Technology Ltd (MST), a company specialising in power dense electric drives, permanent magnet motor systems and power electronics. As part of this agreement, Rolls-Royce is also taking a minority shareholding in MST.

MST has, since its inception 14 years ago, been a leading supplier of hybrid and electric vehicle drive technology for military and civilian markets. MST has developed electric drive-trains for both wheeled and tracked vehicles for Swedish and UK military programmes. MST also supplies electric drive systems to a diverse civilian customer base including Formula 1, earth moving equipment and bus manufacturers.

Under the agreement, Rolls-Royce will assist in the development of electric drive systems, and provide manufacturing and marketing expertise for customers in aerospace, defence, marine and energy markets, including hybrid electric military vehicles. MST will continue to provide electric drive systems for land based civilian and industrial applications. Hybrid-electric drive vehicles combine conventional engines and electric motors and can provide benefits such as increased power, improved fuel economy and auxiliary power for electronic systems on-board the vehicle.

Jim Vickerman, managing director of Rolls-Royce Distributed Generation Systems, said, “This agreement provides access to leading technologies and brings a useful addition to Rolls-Royce’s electrical capabilities. It complements our existing power generation and distribution capability and recognises the growing importance of electrical systems.”

Marcus Jenkins, chairman of MST said, “The arrangement will allow MST to further develop its state-of-the-art technology for the military and aerospace markets for Rolls-Royce customers while strengthening its capability to supply its civilian customers with electric and hybrid drives.”

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