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20 Apr 05. In response to our piece with regard to the Mowag Bucher Duro braking system, (See: BATTLESPACE UPDATE Vol.7 ISSUE 15, 15th April 2005, FALCON CREEPS TOWARDS MAIN GATE), EADS DS have responded as below:

Mark Alexander at EADS DS. said:

“The Mowag Duro braking system (known as in-board or single axle) is not
an EU problem, more an old one from the UK. The MD was Type Approved in Europe by TUV, the German approving authority (equivalent to our VCA). This would not have happened if the EU were unhappy about the braking system. Any EU approving authority has the remit to approve vehs. for the whole of the EU unless member countries raise an issue on safety/legal grounds. However, when this was presented to the UK VCA they stated that, had they been asked to approve the vehicle, they would have been unhappy due to the single axle brake. Unfortunately for them, they are bound by the TUV approval unless it could be shown to be a safety issue. The decision was eventually made at Head of DTi level to accept the vehicle.”

Comment: Whilst this system appears to have been pushed through to allow the Bucher vehicle to enter service with the Cormorant and Skynet 5 systems, one must question what product and/or personal liability the MoD will incur if the vehicle is involved in an accident and loss of life or injury occurs.

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