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23 Jan 03. The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence has selected the Raytheon/Lockheed Martin Javelin Joint Venture as the preferred supplier for its Light Forces Anti-Tank Guided Weapon system program.

The Light Forces Anti-Tank Guided Weapon is about a £300m ($459m) program that calls for a weapon to meet the British Army’s requirement for a lightweight, medium-range anti- armour weapon system that will be in the inventory up to 2025.

The anti-armour program will supply the British Army with the latest man-portable, anti-tank weapon capability that can be used day or night. With a range of up to 2,500 meters, using long-wave imaging infrared technology, it will allow for deployment by a single soldier within a confined space. The Light Forces Anti-Tank Guided Weapon system will enter service in 2005, replacing the British Army’s current Milan system for use by the Rapid Reaction Forces, including the 16 Air Assault Brigade, the 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines, and other British units. The Light Forces Anti-Tank Guided Weapon system significantly enhances the firepower of light and mechanized infantry soldiers and enhances NATO interoperability.

Javelin meets all requirements for the Light Forces Anti-Tank Guided Weapon system, including military-off-the-shelf procurement to minimize risk and cost and 100 percent UK industrial participation. Javelin is a single, man-portable, “fire and forget” anti-ARMOUR weapon that is already in service with the U.S. Army and Marine Corps in operations around the world, as well as in Afghanistan with the Special Operations Forces of an undisclosed nation. Javelin is also on order for the armed services of several other countries.

The selection of Javelin will mean a considerable boost to the UK’s defence industry. Some 16 companies throughout the country have already been selected to supply components up to sub-assembly level for the system. It is estimated that over 300 skilled jobs will be created or sustained by the UK Javelin acquisition. The program will also entail leading edge technology transfer to some of these suppliers, including that for the advanced seeker. In addition, UK companies will benefit through potential future buys of Javelin and its upgrades by the U.S. and other export customers.

“Javelin will equip the United Kingdom light and mechanized infantry forces with the world’s premier medium-range anti-tank capability,” said Col. John Weinzettle, the U.S. Army Close Combat Missile Systems (CCMS) project manager. “Javelin ensures a single British soldier or marine can defeat all known ARMOURed vehicles as well as conduct precision engagements of alternate targets such as bunkers, buildings, low flying helicopters and watercraft.”

“Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and all of our UK team members are very pleased that the UK government has put its trust in us to deliver such an important capability to the British Army and Royal Marines,” said Michael Crisp, president, Javelin Joint Venture. “The Javelin system is the world’s only validated medium range fire-and-forget anti-ARMOUR system. I look forward to working with our world-class UK teammates to bring a combat proven, highly effective, low risk, value for money solution to the UK Armed Forces.”

“The United Kingdom conducted an exhaustive evaluation of all technical, schedule and cost aspects,” said Howard Weaver, Javelin Joint Venture vice president. “Javelin proved its high reliability and very low operational, logistic and whole life costs. The Javelin Joint Venture, will provide the UK government the lowest-risk solution to meet its 2005 In-Service Date.”

Raytheon Company, which leads the joint venture, provides system engineering management and support for the Javelin Joint Venture and produces the CLU, missile guidance electronic unit and system software. Work is performed primarily at Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, Ariz

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