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19 Nov 02. The 17th December 1903 marked the start of the first century of powered flight with the success of the Wright Brothers ‘pioneering flight at Kill Devil Hills. The year 2003 will mark the second century of powered flight and will be of enormous significance.

The Centennial Year will not merely celebrate the achievements of the Wright Brothers but will mark a century of achievement that has changed the whole of our society. The Royal Aeronautical Society, (RAeS) founded in 1866 well before powered flight became a reality, is acting as coordinating body for a large number of organizations that will celebrate the centennial in the UK. Their programme was launched on 1st July 2002.

The RAeS Programme aims to:
* Celebrate the achievements in aerospace over the last 100
* Communicate the importance of aerospace to today’s society.
* Inspire a new generation to take up the challenges of the
next century.
* Create a scholarship fund to enable that new generation
fulfill their ambitions.

On Tuesday, 19th November, the Society briefed a large number of Members
from both Houses of Parliament on the programme in the hope of gaining
Government support for this significant anniversary, the tremendous British contribution to aerospace in the past 100 years and its prospects for the future.

The Society is indebted to our Foundation Sponsors, BAE SYSTEMS, British Airways, Lockheed Martin, Rolls Royce and Smiths, our Premier Sponsors, BAA and Cobham plc and NATS our Sponsor without whose financial and practical support the programme could not be undertaken.

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