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01 Oct 13. FLIR Systems, Inc. announced the release of seven new FLIR® E-Series™ thermal imaging cameras and a set of new premium FLIR-branded Test and Measurement products. The new E4, E5, E6, and E8 thermal cameras are compact, rugged, and user-friendly handheld thermal imagers developed for pinpointing electrical and mechanical overheating, moisture ingress, missing insulation, air leaks, and a host of other temperature related problems. The new E-Series cameras are priced starting at $995 and establish a new level of imaging and measurement performance at this price point. FLIR also introduced the second generation E40, E50, and E60 thermal imaging cameras. These higher-performance cameras have advanced features including wifi connectivity, touch-screen interface, and Bluetooth MeterLink® connectivity. All of the new E-Series models feature FLIR’s patented Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging technology, or MSX®, which embosses key visible details from an on-board high resolution digital camera onto the infrared image. MSX makes it much easier to see issues while preserving the full fidelity of the thermal image. Existing solutions sacrifice critical thermal data to achieve the blending of visible and thermal images. All E-Series cameras also feature FLIR’s new Dark Precision™ simple but powerful user interface, making the cameras easier to use than ever. FLIR also released its new line of FLIR-branded test and measurement (T&M) equipment. Exhibiting the same standard for quality, accuracy, reliability, and durability that customers have come to expect from FLIR-branded products, these new T&M tools feature advanced diagnostic modes, built-in work lights, and increased connectivity to address customers’ needs in the field. Products introduced today include a digital multi-meter, two clamp meters, a moisture meter, a non-contact voltage pen, and a high resolution articulating borescope. Many of these instruments feature FLIR’s exclusive MeterLink connectivity to the Exx-Series thermal cameras and to Android Apps. “Our vertical integration and ownership of critical technologies have enabled us to introduce these new E-Series cameras and again bring the benefits of thermal imaging technology to an ever expanding group of users and applications,” said Andy Teich, President and CEO of FLIR. “The development of MSX coupled with enhanced ease-of-use further demonstrates FLIR’s commitment to innovating for the benefit of our customers, and the introduction of FLIR-branded T&M products expands the suite of products with FLIR-level quality and innovation to users of diagnostic tools across many trades.”

29 Sep 13. Euro Firms Play Catch up on Radar Capability. With a flurry of new development plans, European firms and governments are playing catch-up to the US in the race to build military radars with gallium nitride, the next-generation semi-conductor material that could boost radar power five fold. Gallium nitride, also known as GaN, could usher in a quantum leap in radar technology, promising smaller, more flexible, more powerful radars than today’s crop, which use semi-conductors made with gallium arsenide. (Source: glstrade.com/Defense News)

03 Oct 13. The U.K. MoD is looking to industry for innovative ways to develop simulation and field trial capability to counter potential threats to UK military helicopters from ground-based man-in-the-loop (MITL) operated weapons. This is to meet future requirements to assess how aircraft manoeuvres, threat warning systems and countermeasures can mitigate the effects of hostile fire from a range of weapon systems. MOD scientists at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) have been showcasing the technology they currently use for testing and evaluation. The demonstration brought together user and industry communities to develop idea

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