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18 Nov 13. The new AESA radar for the Eurofighter Typhoon is entering the system integration phase. During a 4-national program review at Cassidian’s Ulm site the test and integration results of the “Captor-E” Antenna subsystem were successfully presented to the representants of the 4 Eurofighter core nations UK, Italy, Spain and Germany. The test results achieved during the campaign were fully in line with the theoretical design and comply with the internationally agreed system specification by the four nations. The achieved results demonstrate the state-of-the-art performance and the high production standard of the Captor-E AESA antenna, the Repositioner and the corresponding Antenna Power Supply and Control Unit. In a next step, the antenna sub-system will go to Selex Edinburgh for integration and test with receiver and processor. Final integration of the Captor-E radar into the industrial production aircraft (IPA5) is planned in springtime 2014. The new radar for Eurofighter Typhoon named “Captor-E” (‘E’ for electronic scan) is able to fulfil several tasks simultaneously. The radar beam is scanning electronically which makes the radar extremely versatile. Contrary to conventional radars the emitting power is generated not in one central emitter but by several thousand transmit- and receive modules. Cassidian capitalizes on the biggest production line of these transmit/teceive modules in Europe. The radar as a whole is being developed by the Euroradar consortium comprising Cassidian, Selex ES (UK and Italy) and Indra (Spain). The consortium already has developed and produced more than 400 mechanically scanning “Captor” Radars. (Source: ASD Network)

19 Nov 13. Sources close to BATTLESPACE say that Fenns, who are based in Farnborough are trialling some new type of night vision goggle in Typhoons. This appears odd as Typhoons are supposed to have full canopy night vision by means of an integrated/smart helmet, NG2000Ti. The source suggests that Typhoon pilots are having serious problems with their helmet.

14 Nov 13. The FLIR A65 miniature radiometric thermal camera has been chosen by InfiniteJib, a premier manufacturer of specialty Multi-rotor UAVs, to be the primary payload of their new Orion 6 UAV. This unique combination of a programmable flight plan multi-rotor UAV with a small, fully radiometric thermal camera is revolutionary for many markets such as solar panel inspection, flat roof, building envelope, water runoff research and wildlife research. Now for the first time UAV operators can acquire the same radiometric imagery that users of professional handheld thermal cameras need to do a proper analysis of an issue.
“InfiniteJib has created a professional aerial thermographic imaging system that is light years ahead of systems that require piloted flight and can only stream dead video to a ground station. They have turned this technology from a toy into a tool”, according to Rob Milner, Automation Manager at FLIR Systems Ltd. (Source: Open Source Information Report/SP&T News)

19 Nov 13. Beechcraft is looking to add anti-submarine warfare (ASW) to the lengthy list of capabilities offered by its King Air 350 ER in the special missions market, according to Justin Ladner the company sales vice president.Ladner said Beechcraft has been approached by several systems integrators for an ASW-lite concept capable of combating the increasing numbers of mini-submarines used by drug smugglers and the military. The executive, who heads Beechcraft’s special mission aircraft sales worldwide, said ASW is an emerging market and he expected to receive several tenders in the next 12 months that an ASW-capable version of the twin-engined King Air 350ER could address. Some of those requests would be for customers in the Arabian Gulf region he said. Mini-submarine numbers are on the r

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