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25 Oct 13. Thermoteknix team with Kent Periscopes in new Sabre Ti Gunner/Commander’s sight. Thermoteknix have teamed with Kent Periscopes to develop the Sabre Thermal Image (Ti) Gunner/Commander’s sight for small to medium turret systems. The sight employs a 640 x 480 17µm Thermoteknix MicroCAM 2 thermal imaging core with patented XTi Shutterless Technology ® capable of detecting a tank at 5.4km. Combined with a x6 day channel for recognition of a main battle tank at 4km, the Sabre Ti is a rugged and reliable solid-state tank sight in an ITAR-free package. The Thermoteknix MicroCAM 2 component of Sabre Ti features boresight adjustable reticules and has an operating temperature range of -40°C to + 70°C, has no moving parts, completely silent in operation and uses <0.6W of power. It gives Sabre a 24hr capability, enabling the user to see deep into the battlefield increasing their surveillance and target acquisition range delivering full performance night and day. MicroCAM is the core technology behind a number of Thermoteknix key products including its ClipIR clip-on thermal imager for fused night vision and TiCAM thermal imaging binoculars. MicroCAM modules are also employed in numerous well known and high-end third party products including UAVs, thermal weapon sights, man-portable and long-range fixed surveillance devices, unattended ground sensors, driver aids, enhanced vision systems for aircraft and many other global products. The MicroCAM range of long-wave thermal imaging cores is available in 384×288 and 640×480 resolution modules with a number of pixel pitch and lens options. The new Sabre Ti was unveiled on the Kent Periscope stand at the Defence & Security Equipment International ( DSEI) 2013, the world's largest Defence & Security exhibition, held in London on 10 – 13 September 2013 . Kent Periscopes is a leading international supplier of unity vision periscopes, vehicle sights and related equipment for armoured fighting vehicles such as tanks and armoured personnel carriers. 02 Oct 13. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued Northrop Grumman Corporation's Air Claw™ a multiuse Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). The STC provides Air Claw™ customers with an FAA-certified airborne surveillance and reconnaissance capability. Air Claw™ is based on the rugged Quest KODIAK 100, which is a short take off and landing aircraft. The Air Claw™ multiuse STC validates the quality of design and integration and allows the aircraft to operate without limitation in U.S. airspace. It also covers modifications of the KODIAK's external cargo compartment, cabin interior arrangement and the electrical power distribution system. The Air Claw ™ certificate adds a fixed electro-optical/infrared sensor, ground communications radios, downlink and a wide area surveillance system. The Air Claw™ demonstration aircraft is currently equipped with FLIR Star SAFIRE 380-HD and several other innovative technology applications to include the Hawkeye wide area motion imaging system designed by Persistent Surveillance Systems, Dayton, Ohio. The Northrop Grumman team continues to expand future command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) payloads to meet diverse customer needs in the law enforcement, wildlife management and military reconnaissance missions. The aircraft are assembled at Quest's Sand Point Idaho Facility and modified at Northrop Grumman's Middle River, Md., repair station. In 2012, Northrop Grumman established a collaborative agreement with Quest Aircraft to develop and jointly market Air Claw™ as the preferred single engine special mission aircraft. Air Claw™ leverages the KODIAK's unique, rugged design and Northrop Grumman's legacy of commercial aircraft modifications for special mission aircraft. The system offers strong

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