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10 Jan 13. Power Management was one of the key technologies seen by the Editor when BATTLESPACE was established in 1998. Indeed we published a special supplement in that year outlining power requirements for the BOWMAN radio system in particular. There was a lull in power requirements as digital systems established themselves across the defence domain with Lithium-Ion and disposable batteries appearing to fill the gap. The war in Afghanistan has shown how expensive this solution is and as systems become more sophisticated, they become more power hungry and more expensive to support. We are delighted that Merlin Power Systems, the Poole-UK based specialist power systems company has agreed to sponsor our new BATTLESPACE POWER MANAGEMENT UPDATE section. Merlin will also be providing in-depth features on new and existing power management technology in our printed, App and digital issues.

10 Jan 13. USAF receives modified PBIS-2000 generator from AlumiFuel. AlumiFuel Power (AFPW) has handed over the upgraded portable balloon inflation system-2000 (PBIS-200) under contract to the US Air Force Special Operations Command (USAFSOC). The delivery follows an undisclosed contract secured by the company in September 2012 for modification of the PBIS-200 prototype unit it delivered to the air force in late April 2012. The system was, however, returned by the command for modification of 14 items to help enhance and upgrade the functionality and user-friendliness of the unit in the field, following on-site training with AFPW’s engineers at Hurlburt Field airbase in Florida, US. The modified system is scheduled to undergo further testing and deployment for field trials in an overseas environment, the expected site-of-operations. Awarded in September 2011, the unspecified production contract covered the development and delivery of a prototype PBIS-200 system along with 360 cartridges, a spare parts kit, a tool kit, as well as two days of operational training to AFSOC. Equipped with six AlumiFuel cartridges, the PBIS-2000 is a hydrogen lift-gas generator designed to provide AFSOC with the required amount of lift gas for launch of a 200g weather balloon and special instrumentation payload within 20 minutes. The system possesses footprint, weight and safety features similar to that of the company’s PBIS-lite system, and is also capable of operating at ambient pressure and low temperatures, a quality superior to conventional K-cylinders. AlumiFuel is currently expecting PBIS-2000 AlumiFuel cartridges production contracts from USAF and other potential customers across the globe. (Source: airforcetechnology.com)

Jan 13. Merlin’s new Dashboard Software. Merlin’s new Dashboard Software is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that provides monitoring and control of the entire VBMS system. Engineers can custom build screens to suit specific user needs and display any information on the VBMS network, or when using a product in stand-alone mode (such as DataCell II) for individual Merlin products. Text, Mimic-LED displays can also be shown. Feedback from users and research indicates that in a combat situation, the ability to process complex information is greatly diminished. By using colours and text instead of digital displays, Merlin is able to impart critical battery information in a clear, easily understood format.


Merlin Power Systems are leaders in the design and manufacture of advanced generation, management and monitoring of power systems on vehicles and marine platforms. Being fielded in UOR, Green and SOF fleets combined with 20 years of experience i

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