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17 Sep 13. New Generation Power Inc.*, Chicago, Ill., was awarded potential vendor indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity, firm-fixed-price, non-option, non-multi-year contract with a cumulative maximum value of $7,000,000,000. The government is awarding this contract for use in competing and awarding power purchase agreement (PPA) task orders. These PPAs will provide for the purchase of energy from renewable and alternative energy production facilities that are designed, financed, constructed, operated and maintained by private sector entities on private land or on installations under jurisdiction of the Department of Defense. These contracts are for the use of geothermal technology. All awarded technologies will share a total estimated value of $7,000,000,000. Performance location and funding will be determined with each order. This contract was a competitive acquisition via the web with 16 bids received. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Engineer Support Center, Huntsville, Ala., is the contracting activity (W912DY-13-D-0113).

18 Sep 13. Boeing designed its “Phantom Eye” drone, which is powered by liquid hydrogen, to meet the U.S. military’s demand for high altitude, persistent surveillance. It is a propeller-driven lightweight structure that Boeing says can fly continuously for four days, but executives say they are exploring larger variants that could stay in the air for up to 10 days. Daryl Davis, president of Phantom Works, the advanced prototyping and research arm of Boeing’s defense division, said the aircraft completed a fifth flight this past weekend, achieving “almost every one of our objectives.” He gave no further details and did not give the altitude of Saturday’s flight. He said the company was assessing data from the flight, but would “look forwardto potentially going all the way to 60,000 feet here very soon.” Davis spoke to Reuters at the annual Air Force Association Conference. The aircraft, which has a takeoff weight of 9,800 pounds (4,445 kg) is designed to eventually fly at an even higher altitude of 65,000 feet, according to a Boeing fact sheet. The plane, which has a maximum speed of 200 knots, completed its first autonomous flight in June 2012.

19 Sep 13. US Army contracts Arista for further development of micro-grid system. Arista Power has secured a contract to continue development of an intelligent micro-grid system in support of the US Army Communications Electronics Research and Development Center’s (CERDEC) renewable energy for distributed under-supplied command environments (REDUCE) programme. Valued at $625,000, the contract builds on the programme’s successful Phase I and Phase II awards received by the company in January and October 2012 respectively. Under the new contract, the company will continue the standardisation of interfaces and also develop of an open communication protocol enabling a truly plug and play environment to be utilised by military micro grids deployed in forward operating bases. Specifically, the contract requires the company to supply demonstrated
capability of an advanced energy resource manager and the ability to seamlessly utilise multiple energy storage systems of varied chemistries within the same micro-grid system. Arista Power intelligent micro-grid system programme operations vice-president and project manager, Adeeb Saba, said the Department of Defense (DoD) has set up an overall goal of obtaining 25% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020. Currently, the majority of power used by the US armed forces for operations in remote locations is being provided by diesel generators that are costly to run and also pose threat to human lives.

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