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06 Aug 13. BAE Systems gave details of its Land Systems Open Architecture (LOSA) as part a UK MoD-funded technology demonstrator programme to simplify connectivity and reduce the weight of soldier worn electronic systems on August 6th. BAE is Prime Contrcator for the management and data solutions for the DE&S Man Worn Power & Data project whilst Cosworth is Prime for the management and power element. Cosworth acted as the prime contractor to the MoD on the programme, applying its expertise in worn systems for sports applications and intelligent power management alongside technologies from BMT Defence Services, CQC, Martec interconnect solutions, TE Connectivity and Ultra Electronics. The end goal of the project was to produce a working demonstrator system that showcases the art of the possible with the ultimate aim of informing the development of the Generic Soldier Architecture Def Stan 23-12. BAE showed how a single high speed USB2.0 wiring system, integrated into the Osprey body armour vest, replaces the ‘cable spaghetti’ currently used to link the portable devices carried by the soldier. The use of advanced conductive materials from Intelligent Textiles Ltd, a UK specialist textile company already making skiwear with iPhone current systems, enables adaptive control of the power flow through the clothing so that batteries can be recharged using power from any available power source, such as vehicle, APU, operating base mains supply or a solar panel. Low priority devices are automatically disconnected when power is running low. Special rechargeable batteries have been supplied by ABSL. Paul Wright of BAE Systems said that similar projects are being run in the USA, Victory Program and India as well as Europe. The costs of each system is estimated at £2000 and BAE estimates that it will be deployed Europe-wide in 10 years and across the world in 15 years. The UK is expected to deploy the system in 2018 under the Virtus Pulse 3, Body Armour and Carriage Replacement Project. In the USA, BAE Systems has also developed the Ultra Lightweight Warrior (ULW) system. The equipment carried by modern dismounted troops not only keeps them safe, but also greatly improves their capability and effectiveness in a wide range of situations. Yet this also has a downside: weight. With a fully loaded pack weighing as much as 60kg for a three-day mission, dismounted troops are often hampered by fatigue, lack of mobility and back pain. Tackling this challenge head-on, BAE Systems Security & Survivability (S&S) developed the Ultra Lightweight Warrior (ULW) system, giving soldiers the protection they need with weight savings of up to 35 per cent. ULW consists of individual elements, such as a helmet, soft body armour, load-carrying systems, hard body armour and an integrated power system (IPS), that are worn within the ballistic vest. But it is the ingenious way these elements are combined that provides the real value. For example, through the custom device adaptor, IPS can simultaneously power various radios, navigation equipment, AA battery chargers, and a computer. It can then be recharged simply by connecting it to a standard outlet, just like a mobile phone.

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