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16 Jul 13. US Navy develops new tools to reduce energy consumption. In the US Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) division in Panama City, engineers are developing new tools that can predict energy consumption needs more accurately for expeditionary forces. NSWC Panama City engineers were asked by the US Marine Corps Systems Command to reduce the energy consumption of combat operations centres, which are mobile, modular command and control centres designed to support deployed marine units. Following analysis, MCSC and NSWC Panama City leaders noted that the shelters were using almost 70% of all energy to heat and cool down, so that is where the team focused their efforts. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and NSWC Panama City jointly tested the heat transfer model in July 2012. During the trial, NREL conducted the modelling while the NSWC Panama City performed the validation testing; the model provided predictions which varied from the measured temperatures by less than 1°C over the span of several days and validated its accuracy. “It would allow field units to predict supply needs before deployment.” Expeditionary Systems Division senior systems engineer Steve Gorin said the team used calorimetres to measure the heat output in a lab environment, which would allow field units to predict supply needs before deployment. “We measured pieces of equipment within a shelter that might be used in an operational environment such as computers, monitors, and lights,” Gorin said. Gorin also said the team was seeking hybrid energy systems, which can use the generators efficiently for the US Marines and Army. Currently, the energy team is analysing hybrid power systems alternatives which could lead to the development of new power system for the US Marine Corps. (Source: naval-technology.com)
Merlin Power Systems are leaders in the design and manufacture of advanced generation, management and monitoring of power systems on vehicles and marine platforms. Being fielded in UOR, Green and SOF fleets combined with 20 years of experience in critical use battery applications make Merlin the perfect partner for your vehicle, mobile or remote power system.
MOTS products include:
DataCell – The industry’s most accurate battery monitoring system provides volts, amps, amp hours, state of charge, state of health and time remaining. Being highly accurate DataCell information may be used for auto control of battery management, APU starting and load shedding. Data displayed on a variety of panels and/or direct C4i screen integration.
VBMS – Vehicle Battery Management System manages the entire primary power system on board. Remote battery switching, split charging, flat battery protection, control of import/export power, APU start/stop and load shedding. VBMS dramatically improves platform reliability, platform running costs (in replacement batteries and fuel savings by carefully managing engine run times & alternator output) and importantly allows confident extension of silent watch running times which dramatically improves tactical advantage over the enemy.
Python – The World’s first diesel reforming fuel cell. 1.2kW output, silent running, load following. Runs directly from diesel.

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