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28 Jun 13. The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Club at Washington State University has spent countless hours building and flying unmanned aircraft systems, and they’re currently developing one that’s powered by liquid hydrogen. Engineers at Washington State University are making a name for themselves in the unmanned aerial vehicle industry. Now that they know the plane can fly using battery power, they’re shifting their focus to hydrogen power. This project was funded by alumni gifts, and it took about 10 mechanical and electrical engineering students a year to put the plane together. They anticipate working on the hydrogen component for another couple months. (Source: Open Source Information Report/UAS VISION)

04 Jul 13. Sustainable Energy to deliver inverters for US Army’s scalable microgrids. Sustainable Energy Technologies has been awarded a contract for delivery of energy storage inverters for a US Army programme. Awarded by an undisclosed New York based contractor, the order covers supply of its Bidirex units to help support demonstration of a new intelligent scalable microgrid solution to the army. Sustainable Energy CTO Brent Harris said AC coupled microgrids were rapidly emerging as the next-generation off-grid system due to their flexible and modular design. Designed to support easy integration withpower management systems, the inverter facilitates full utility control over the battery dispatch and power quality functions, and is also capable of addressing a range of demanding utility smart grid standards, including Germany’s VDE 4105. The army is seeking intelligent microgrids that can use both renewable and traditional energy sources to deliver reliable power in remote locations, eventually helping the service reduce its fossil fuels use and save soldiers lives by decreasing the requirements for fuel transport. The US Department of Defense (DoD) has been advised to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and its fossil fuels dependence by producing or procuring 25% of its total energy from renewable sources by 2025. Initial deliveries to the contractor, whose identity remained undisclosed due to confidentiality obligations, are expected to begin this month. (Source: army-technology.com)
Merlin Power Systems are leaders in the design and manufacture of advanced generation, management and monitoring of power systems on vehicles and marine platforms. Being fielded in UOR, Green and SOF fleets combined with 20 years of experience in critical use battery applications make Merlin the perfect partner for your vehicle, mobile or remote power system.
MOTS products include:
DataCell – The industry’s most accurate battery monitoring system provides volts, amps, amp hours, state of charge, state of health and time remaining. Being highly accurate DataCell information may be used for auto control of battery management, APU starting and load shedding. Data displayed on a variety of panels and/or direct C4i screen integration.
VBMS – Vehicle Battery Management System manages the entire primary power system on board. Remote battery switching, split charging, flat battery protection, control of import/export power, APU start/stop and load shedding. VBMS dramatically improves platform reliability, platform running costs (in replacement batteries and fuel savings by carefully managing engine run times & alternator output) and importantly allows confident extension of silent watch running times which dramatically improves tactical advantage over the enemy.
Python – The World’s first diesel reforming fuel cell. 1.2kW output,

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