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21 May 13. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has completed its acquisition of Pratt & Whitney Power Systems, the company announced on 20 May. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed. Pratt & Whitney Power Systems will be renamed PW Power Systems (PWPS) and integrated with a new thermal power joint venture being established with Hitachi. According to a statement by MHI, the company also acquired Turboden of Italy, a manufacturer of Organic Rankine Cycle turbines and an affiliate of Pratt & Whitney Power Systems, as part of the deal. The addition of the two companies is intended to help MHI capture more than 30% of the global gas turbine market, the company said. MHI had previously noted the importance of adding to its gas turbine portfolio and in a statement released following the initial announcement of the acquisition in 2012 said: “Going forward, significant growth is anticipated in applications requiring a flexible power source complementary to a renewable energy power source …. Robust market demand is also expected in small power sources for application in emerging markets.” (Source: Jane’s)

21 May 13. A Californian teenager has caused a stir in the global electronics industry by inventing a ‘supercapacitor’-based device that has the potential to fully charge a mobile phone battery within 20 seconds. Esha Khare this week bagged a $50,000 prize for her invention at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, in Phoenix, Arizona. The 18-year-old employed her niche knowledge of nanochemistry to develop the component, which she used to power LEDs. The Saratoga, California resident told media that she had been inspired to design the device because of frustration with the slow charge rate of her mobile phone. The supercapacitor is said to have a life of 10,000 cycles, from charge to recharge, which is approximately 10 times that of a normal mobile phone battery. Khare is set to attend Harvard and has vowed to “set the world on fire”. (Source: ITP.net)

Merlin Power Systems are leaders in the design and manufacture of advanced generation, management and monitoring of power systems on vehicles and marine platforms. Being fielded in UOR, Green and SOF fleets combined with 20 years of experience in critical use battery applications make Merlin the perfect partner for your vehicle, mobile or remote power system.
MOTS products include:
DataCell – The industry’s most accurate battery monitoring system provides volts, amps, amp hours, state of charge, state of health and time remaining. Being highly accurate DataCell information may be used for auto control of battery management, APU starting and load shedding. Data displayed on a variety of panels and/or direct C4i screen integration.
VBMS – Vehicle Battery Management System manages the entire primary power system on board. Remote battery switching, split charging, flat battery protection, control of import/export power, APU start/stop and load shedding. VBMS dramatically improves platform reliability, platform running costs (in replacement batteries and fuel savings by carefully managing engine run times & alternator output) and importantly allows confident extension of silent watch running times which dramatically improves tactical advantage over the enemy.
Python – The World’s first diesel reforming fuel cell. 1.2kW output, silent running, load following. Runs directly from diesel.

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