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22 Apr 13. Rack-mount equalizers help to optimize satcom performance. Now available from Link Microtek is a series of rack-mount amplitude/slope equalizers that will enable L-Band satellite communications designers to optimize the performance of their systems. Manufactured by US company MITEQ, the equalizers come in two versions, DL1E and RL1E – which provide dual-channel and 1:1 redundancy operation, respectively. Offering independent gain and slope adjustment, the new units are designed to eliminate RF/IF cable run losses and compensate for L-Band cable frequency roll-off. The series includes models covering the frequency ranges 950-1450MHz, 950-1750MHz and 950-2150MHz. Both types of equalizer feature hot-swappable RF modules and fully redundant hot-swappable power supplies to maximize system availability, and the RL1E redundancy unit can be set for automatic or manual switchover. Remote control is provided as standard via a user-selectable RS485/RS422 interface, while RS232 and 10/100Base-T Ethernet interfaces can be specified as options. Operating from a 90-250VAC input, the equalizers are suitable for use in ambient temperatures ranging from 0 to 50degC and are housed in a 1U-high 19in. chassis. For applications where rack space is restricted, the amplitude/slope equalizers are also available in the MITEQ patented 1/3-rack package, which enables three times as much functionality to be integrated into the rack space of a conventional 1U 19in. unit.

Merlin Power Systems are leaders in the design and manufacture of advanced generation, management and monitoring of power systems on vehicles and marine platforms. Being fielded in UOR, Green and SOF fleets combined with 20 years of experience in critical use battery applications make Merlin the perfect partner for your vehicle, mobile or remote power system.
MOTS products include:
DataCell – The industry’s most accurate battery monitoring system provides volts, amps, amp hours, state of charge, state of health and time remaining. Being highly accurate DataCell information may be used for auto control of battery management, APU starting and load shedding. Data displayed on a variety of panels and/or direct C4i screen integration.
VBMS – Vehicle Battery Management System manages the entire primary power system on board. Remote battery switching, split charging, flat battery protection, control of import/export power, APU start/stop and load shedding. VBMS dramatically improves platform reliability, platform running costs (in replacement batteries and fuel savings by carefully managing engine run times & alternator output) and importantly allows confident extension of silent watch running times which dramatically improves tactical advantage over the enemy.
Python – The World’s first diesel reforming fuel cell. 1.2kW output, silent running, load following. Runs directly from diesel.

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