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05 Jun 14. Boeing released its annual Environment Report highlighting the company’s commitments and accomplishments in improving environmental performance for its products and operations. The report also features Boeing’s continuing progress in sustainable growth and environmental conservation efforts in the communities where its employees live and work worldwide.
“Every day, Boeing employees find new and innovative ways to serve our global customers, and they are also committed to responsible environmental leadership in our products and how we manufacture, deliver and support them,” said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jim McNerney. “As we look forward to our second century and building a bigger and better Boeing across the breadth and depth of our businesses and communities, we are also focused on helping build a better planet.”
The report provides an update on Boeing’s new environmental targets as the company balances profitable growth with cleaner operations. After achieving its first five-year set of absolute-reduction targets, Boeing has set new 2017 targets for greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, solid waste to landfill and hazardous waste generation.
Highlights of the 2014 report include:
* Cleaner products including the launch of two new fuel-efficient airplanes – the 777X and 787-10 – and building the world’s first all-electric propulsion satellite
* Future flight concepts for improved environment performance such as Boeing’s liquid hydrogen-powered Phantom Eye receiving experimental aircraft status from the U.S. Air Force
* Innovations to help achieve zero growth in greenhouse gas emissions, such as the use of solar tubes in painting an airplane
* Efforts to help develop and bring to market commercialize sustainable aviation biofuel, including “green diesel”
* Performance towards the company’s new operational footprint goals
* A dozen feature stories highlighting how Boeing employees are improving environmental performance

02 Jun 14. Harland Simon UPS Launches New Harland ProtectUPS®. Harland Simon UPS has launched a new range of rugged uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems – Harland ProtectUPS®. Specifically designed and manufactured to provide uninterrupted power to support critical applications in harsh conditions the new Harland ProtectUPS® is a range of rugged power protection systems to help guard against key threats to Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) in line with the Security and Emergency Measures Direction (SEMD). The company has been supplying AC and DC UPS systems and power solutions for 20 years and is widely recognised for supplying high end products to support Critical National Infrastructure assets such as public buildings and spaces, military personnel, transport links, maritime security and electric, gas and water supplies, providing long life, trouble-free operation. The new Harland ProtectUPS® provides users with the flexibility to select everything from an existing model from the extensive core product offering, through to having a bespoke product specifically designed and installed to a variety of required specifications, i.e. WIMES (water), MILSTAN/DEFSTAN, IACS-E10 (marine), LUL and Network Rail. The Harland ProtectUPS® incorporates special features and modifications using rugged, commercially available modules and components that are supported worldwide and designed to be fully field replaceable with readily available form-fit-function alternatives. Providing extremely long life and easy customer maintenance, the range is backed up by Harland Simon’s worldwide support, delivered through its team of specialist engineers.

30 May 14. US Navy supports ASU’s algae-based biofuel development. The US Navy is supporting the development of algae-based biofuel by the University of Arizona’s Arizona Centre

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