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The POINTER, Weapon Cueing System, developed by a team from Qioptiq, QinetiQ and ISTEC was displayed at this year’s DefExpo in India on the UKTI Stand mounted on a Hobson Industries Land Rover Patrol Vehicle Tactical (LRPV(T)), a Land Rover Defender specially developed for long range patrol applications and already in service with an overseas country. Pointer was first exhibited at Owning The Night at Bisley in 2009.

For the demonstration at Defexpo, India, Pointer was fitted on a Universal Gun Mount on a light weight ring with a .50 calibre machine gun on the Hobson LRPV (T) vehicle equipped with the Metravib PILARw gunshot detection system. Pointer can also be deployed on other weapon systems such as the 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG). The system was also mounted on an ISTEC softmount, UGM and lightweight pedestal.

Mark Lee, of Istec Services, who is leading the Pointer marketing effort in India, said, “We briefed senior paramilitary officials on Pointer in late 2011 and they requested a demonstration this year. We are very grateful for the huge support we have received from UKTI in enabling this demonstration in India this month as well as exhibiting the system at DefExpo.”

Locating and indicating targets is a difficult and dangerous business. POINTER, the weapon cueing system can be easily netted to sensors providing rapid target indication directly to the weapon system user enabling those best placed to counter the threat to react.

Escalating global terrorism means an increase in counter insurgence, force protection and internal security duties. In such situations finding the target can be an individual or team activity. Once the target is found, the location needs to be indicated rapidly, accurately and intuitively. POINTER allows the best equipped person to deal with a threat as it passes onto a target electronically without drawing any undue attention to the spotter.


Handing off targets from Observation Posts and other positions to those who are best placed to deal with it is a difficult task. POINTER draws information from a network of observers, sensors and shooters and intuitively delivers the potential target information directly into the user’s view via a display indicating the target for visual identification and reaction. The mapping interface at the base station location means the target information can be easily assimilated by C2 staff dramatically reducing response times.

POINTER can be linked to almost any target location system for proactive planning and response or shot detection system to provide real time target information to weapon operators and improve force protection. Using information provided by C4ISTAR assets, shot detection systems or a simple map, POINTER sends target location information directly to the Head Up Display mounted on the weapon station. This system also enables multiple weapon systems to be cued onto the same or several different targets silently allocating priority as and when required.

When a threat is detected response time is critical. The networked lightweight battery-powered POINTER system can use almost any real time sensor and can easily be integrated with a variety of in service scopes, HMG’s and GMG’s. POINTER has been developed through collaboration between Qioptiq, ISTEC and QinetiQ to give those in the line of fire the support they need when they need it.

Peter Furness, QinetiQ Sales Manager, Pointer said, “Following our successful joint Pointer launch in India, I’m really looking forward to showcasing ‘Pointer’ further at forthcoming Eurosatory and DVD exhibitions in June.”

Technical Specifications

* Wireless Range – 1000m + (using PRR)
* <1 second transit time from sensor detection * Base station runs on standard PC running XP design features * Uses 4 x AA batteries * 8hrs battery life from 4 AA on Rifle or 40hrs on HMG with BB 2590 * Fits 50 cal HMG and in-service 3-12 Sniper Scope as standard * Can use SELE

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