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14 Aug 07. Scotland: Possible Independence Referendum. The minority SNP (Scottish National Party) Government in Scotland published (14 Aug 07) a White Paper on Choosing Scotland’s Future – A National Conversation. The Paper sets out the case for a ballot on independence, while remaining open-minded on alternative opinions. According to the Paper, negotiations during the transition to independence would need to include “the split of the Defence Estate and the equipment of the Armed Forces”. The Trident boats “would have to be removed from Scotland”. (Paras 3.14 & 3.24 of the Paper.)
Comment: The Scottish Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat Party Leaders (representing 65% of Scottish voters) issued a joint statement setting out their opposition to the above plans for an independence referendum. The White Paper can be obtained through The Scottish Executive’s dedicated website (www.anationalconversation.com). (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0733, 20 Aug 07)

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