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11 Apr 02. Oxley e-tag contact memory buttons have been selected by General Dynamics United Kingdom Ltd for the British Army’s BOWMAN communication system, the first major UK military equipment programme to have contact memory integrated during manufacture.

Over 250,000 e-tags, reader probes and software will be supplied to General Dynamics United Kingdom Ltd and their major sub-contractors over the next 3 years with system support covering a period of up-to 10 years. Oxley e-tags will be fitted to all BOWMAN maintenance significant items, such as HF/VHF radios and Data Terminals and will be used to collect & store electronic information relating to maintenance schedules, maintenance history, parent & child fitment history and asset usage metrics. e-tags will integrate, via hand-held computers, into BLIS (Bowman Logistics Information System) to form an efficient through life asset management system.

Overcoming strong international competition the Oxley e-tag was selected because of its advanced ‘intelligent’ tag features. Several key characteristics include unique electronic serial numbering, true password protection and advanced error detection and communication protocols that eliminates the risk of corruption during data transfer.

Aaron Whild, BOWMAN Field Support Manager explained, “The Oxley e-tag solution will provide significant versatility during the fielded life of the BOWMAN equipment” he continued, “in addition the technology has further potential for other related applications within the General Dynamics United Kingdom Ltd’s business.”

Mike Foster, Oxley Sales Manager commented “We are delighted to have been selected for this important programme in the face of tough competition. Our solution will exceed MoD’s requirements which vindicates our strategy of offering advanced product features such as versatility, robustness and value for money “

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