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04 Oct 05. Overwatch Systems launched the company’s new software product-line approach called the Overwatch Intelligence Center (OIC) at AUSA. This approach uses a library of software components that can be assembled to develop mission- specific applications to support multiple programs and intelligence products engaged in full-spectrum operations. Available in 2006, the OIC includes a windows multi-platform capability and utilizes a service-based approach. The OIC is focused on intelligence collection, analysis and dissemination of intelligence products. The OIC provides a capability to deliver systems in months that take years using the traditional development approach. Other advantages include carrying forward pedigree in terms of security accreditation, testing and training. The Overwatch Systems business model supports a shared-cost environment for all customers through software component reuse. Overwatch Intelligence Center solutions and products allow intelligence collectors and analysts to take raw sensor data and combat reports and develop products to support battle command and intelligence operations across a myriad of operational environments. Users can develop and maintain relational databases, analyze and visualize the information on maps, images and charts. These tools facilitate fusion and correlation at all echelons of command and feedback into the collection system for situation refinement and dynamic sensor cross-cueing.

In addition to today’s technology demonstration, Overwatch Systems executives outlined the company’s new corporate structure and name. Previously known as Federal Information Technology and its subsidiaries — Austin Info Systems, Sensor Systems and ITSpatial — the companies will now operate under the name Overwatch Systems. The formation of this new corporate structure allows a streamlined response to reflect the single, integrated purpose of the company’s divisions and employees to be a world-class provider of multisource intelligence solutions.

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