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19 May 06. Overwatch Systems Provided Intelligent 3D Maps of the Olympic Venues deployed to NGA Support Teams. Overwatch Systems announced that NGA Support Teams deployed during the Winter Olympics in Turin used the InterSCOPE 3D visualization environment and photorealistic models of the Olympic venues produced at the corporate offices in McLean VA. Using a variety of different data types, Overwatch analysts built high fidelity models of each of the venues and other sites of interest. These models provided the basis for 3D analysis in the unique urban view provided by InterSCOPE. NGA analysts delivered dynamic line of sight (LOS) and viewshed analysis throughout the Olympic events.

Prior to the Olympics, Overwatch personnel worked closely with the national Geospatial – Intelligence Agency (NGA) to review and evaluate the large volume of data that was available. Producing “Intelligent 3D Maps” of the area, Overwatch provided an intuitive easy to use view of the Alpine areas as well as the urban landscape of the city of Turin. Analyst training was accomplished in less than half a day.

NGA continues to pave the way for delivery of Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) support with new tools and services. Overwatch is continuing to work with NGA to meet the requirements for additional analysis and visualization capabilities.
About Overwatch Systems

A fast-paced, growth-oriented software and systems integration company with focused support to the warfighter, first responder and policy maker. Overwatch Systems supports both conventional and asymmetric intelligence analysis affording the advantages to adapt quickly to changing situations.

Overwatch Systems is investing to integrate all of its geospatial and tactical products into the Overwatch Intelligence Center to enhance collaboration, usability, performance and user training. Overwatch Systems develops and markets intelligence analysis products and develops custom intelligence systems as specified by our Government customer. Overwatch Systems develops multi-band single feed SATCOM systems for DoD/HLS customers and have significant communications experience directly related to satisfying intelligence systems communications requirements.

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