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28 Jun 13. BATTLESPACE Publications has expanded its United States News coverage in an information share agreement with the Terry Murray publisher of the daily Open Source Information Report (OSIR)

Between business engagements supporting industry clients Terry focuses his passions on his daily email report, titled the Open Source Information Report or simply the OSIR, which provides up-to-date information on the heart beat of the Aerospace Industry and Defense Organizations.

Having successful careers in the aerospace industry and military, Terry Murray is now an independent consultant supporting the defense industries in business development and open source intelligence. He publishes a daily summary of information related to the defense industry as well as others. He has retired from the United States Marine Corps and recently retired from a career with The Boeing Company. As an active duty Marine he amassed experiences in intelligence at all levels of command from battalion and squadron through division and wing. He is conversant in all intelligence occupational specialties and fielded a joint Marine Corps/Air Force Imagery Intelligence Program (TIPI/MAGIS) in the Far East. He was also an intelligence advisor for internal security and counterintelligence in an allied country. He has had extensive experiences with other services in the joint world environment, as well as two tours as an instructor at Naval Intelligence schools.

After leaving active duty (you are forever a Marine) Terry started a second career in the aerospace industry as a Principal Engineer/Scientist and concentrated on defense programs as well as some aviation programs. Before McDonnell Douglas joined Boeing Terry was the recipient of the President’s Award for aiding in the final fielding of the MD-11 aircraft. He also led the effort to successfully obtain approval of the encryption device with the National Security Agency and aided in the successful spinoff of the product line to another company. Most recent experience has been in global missile defense.

Contact: Terry L. Murray
P.O. Box 4196, San Clemente, CA 92674
Cell: (949) 315-5700, email: sentinel1@cox.net

BATTLESPACE will publish weekly extracts from OSIR in our weekly Updates. If subscribers wish to subscribe direct with Terry we have agreed a special rate of $140 per annum rather than the $180 to other subscribers.

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