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15 Nov 02. The Norwegian Air Force has ordered 12 Tactica 2000 EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) vehicles from Alvis Vickers Limited, based in the UK. These vehicles will be used for airfield defence. The vehicles have been contracted through the Alvis group’s Norwegian Company Alvis Moelv, who will carry out final integration of the systems and training.

To be built at Alvis Vickers’ Telford plant, Tactica deliveries to Norway will take place during 2003.

Trevor Harrison, the Managing Director of Alvis Vickers said
” This is excellent news for our new combined business and means Tactica will be deployed with another member of NATO in a critical role. This adds to the 10 countries already using Tactica and illustrates the strength of its flexible design in winning this valuable contract. With this latest order Tactica will be in operation in Asia, Africa, South America, the Middle East, and Europe including Scandinavia.”

Tactica is a versatile family of 4X4 vehicles, designed to accept a range of different turbo-charged diesel engines, according to customers’ preferences, giving road speeds of 120 kph. Tactica 2000’s large interior capacity makes it ideal for all special roles, particularly EOD, but also patrol, armoured personnel carrier, ambulance, command, emergency/rescue, mortar carrier and repair/recovery.

Tactica’s many variants are in service with emergency and security forces throughout the world, most notably with the British Army on EOD duties.

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