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23 Feb 13. BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin Corporation recently completed a series of successful guided flight tests for 155-mm Long Range Land Attack Projectiles (LRLAP) as part of the on-going qualification test program at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. The three tests evaluated the LRLAP’s long-range (63 nautical miles) flight performance and accuracy with a pre-conditioned tactical rocket motor in hot, ambient, and cold temperatures. All test requirements were met or exceeded, and all range, accuracy, and lethality objectives were successfully demonstrated. The 155-mm LRLAP is effective against a variety of targets in multiple mission areas and was designed to provide expeditionary forces with an affordable, ship-launched alternative to currently used missiles. The LRLAP is guided by a GPS and Inertial Measurement Unit, allowing for high levels of accuracy at ranges beyond 63 nautical miles. This capability reduces costs by requiring fewer rounds to achieve desired effects on targets and is effective where collateral damage is an issue. BAE Systems is progressing toward completing 155-mm LRLAP live fire testing in Q4 of 2013. (Source: Yahoo!/BUSINESS WIRE)

25 Feb 13. The new Arrow 3 interceptor, which Boeing and Israel Aerospace Industries are co-developing to enhance Israel’s ballistic missile defense, successfully completed its first flight test. Arrow 3 is the next-generation interceptor for the Arrow Weapon System jointly developed by Israel and the United States. It can be launched earlier and engage threats at higher altitudes outside the Earth’s atmosphere than previous interceptors. The flight happened during a test of Israel’s national missile defense system conducted by the Israel Ministry of Defense and the U.S. Missile Defense Agency. The test began at 12:52 a.m. Eastern time when the Arrow 3 interceptor launched from an Israeli test range and concluded with the interceptor being terminated over the Mediterranean Sea.

26 Feb 13. UK and French Armies conduct Exercise Steel Sabre. The British Army is conducting a joint live firing artillery exercise, Steel Sabre, with French Army personnel at Otterburn Training Area in Northumberland, UK. Around 1,600 personnel from 18 British regular and reserve regiments are participating in the exercise, alongside soldiers of the 35th Parachute Artillery Regiment and 40 French troops to enhance their readiness for contingency operations. The two-week exercise aims to train UK artillery units for future missions, including being part of contingency forces, such as the Airborne Task Force or commando lead elements. The Royal Artillery live firing exercise serves as an indication of how the UK Army will function in the future, as a significant number of reservists are being integrated alongside their full-time counterparts. (Source: army-technology.com)

28 Feb 13. Thales to supply additional Sophie XF imagers to German Armed Forces. Thales has been awarded a follow-on contract for production and delivery of additional Sophie eXtended Functions (XF) Type long-range cooled thermal imaging systems to the German Armed Forces. Awarded by the German Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw), the contract covers delivery of an additional ten Sophie XF imagers along with logistical support, documentation and training to the army. Commenting on the contract, Thales Deutschland Defence and Security Systems vice president Holger Brandt said the latest order would provide Bundeswehr with a user-friendly device featuring a wide range of applications. Complementing nearly 100 previous systems used by the armed forces, the Sophie XF imagers delivered under the latest contract are scheduled to be used for surveillance, target acquisition and identification missions. The imagers will also be used for determining target coordinates at night and during adverse visibility conditions. Weighing 3.5kg, the Sophie XF is a third-g

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