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29 Oct 12. Industry heavyweights have joined forces on a research project that seeks to develop an alternative cost effective lightweight material structure for increased blast and ballistic survivability. BAE Systems, QinetiQ, AIGIS Blast Protection, TPS, Permali Gloucester Ltd, MIRA, Sigmatex and the University of Nottingham have formed LiMBS (Lightweight Material & Structures for Blast and Ballistic Survivability). Co-funded by the government-backed Technology Strategy Board, LiMBS aims to develop enhanced lightweight cost effective multi-layer/ multi-material structures to resist shock, pressure impulse and impacts associated with both land mines and free air explosives events, and to mitigate the effects when a structure is overmatched by reducing the spread of spall fragment projectiles passing through the structure. A material of this type could have potential commercial benefits across a number of sectors, including: defence, aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, heavy industrial, high security environments, personal security / VIP protection, and for security product manufacturers. The programme intends to develop new materials that are lighter than rolled homogeneous armour which is typically used for the construction of fighting or armoured vehicles. Lighter materials could be used to manufacture and assemble armour protected vehicles to resist the effects of explosions such as land mines and improvised explosive devices; these are the current weapons of choice for disabling fighting vehicles in theatres such as Afghanistan. Lighter vehicles would be more readily deployable, particularly when using air transport and thus achieving enhanced performances for future military systems.

31 Oct 12. QinetiQ has designed and delivered a new training environment for close range weapon training for the Royal Navy. The new Close Range Weapon Training (CRWT) facility at HMS Collingwood is a scaleable, flexible, training simulation system that allows the delivery of individual, collective and continuation training in the use of close range weapons. This fast paced programme of work has seen a new facility designed, built, and accepted into service within 12 months of contract award. By integrating QinetiQ’s software with VBS2 (Virtual Battlespace 2) and current gaming technology, QinetiQ has delivered an updated 3D virtual environment along with adapted ship mounted weapons providing an immersive and operationally current series of weapons training platforms which can be quickly configured to meet future user requirements. The facility provides a simulated training environment for weapons training including 4 General purpose machine guns (GPMG), 4 mini-guns, and a 30mm and 20mm cannon. Each can be used individually or collectively within 10 bespoke training scenarios which have been designed by QinetiQ, in conjunction with the Royal Navy utilising VBS2 and commercial, off the shelf software.

01 Nov 12. NIGHT DIVER ‘Cyclops’ is a high performance Underwater Night Vision Monocular Goggle permitting observation both above and below water to a depth of 50meters. The system is modular designed and comprises a 25mm F/0.95 Objective Lens, high performance 2nd Gen or 3rd Generation Image Intensifier with Battery and hybrid On/Off Switch, 25mm Ocular Lens. Night Diver (Cyclops) is mounted on the Drager Nova Full-face Mask or Interspiro. FFM both are used worldwide by many Navies, Special Forces, and Commando’s as well as Police and Coast guards. Both Right hand and Left hand versions are available as well as Open or Closed Circuit operation. This novel Underwater Night Vision System can also be used in above water reconnaissance of Beachhead Defense Installations as well as underwater searching of Ship’s hull’s or the seabed for Explosives and/or Narcotics. Marine Biologists can also use Night Diver (Cyclops) for observing Marine Life under night conditions.

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