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10 Sep 12. DRS Technologies, a Finmeccanica Company, announced the introduction of the WatchMaster® IP Ultra, a low-cost, high performance, thermal camera supporting both digital (IP) and analog video formats, to the commercial market. The WatchMaster® IP Ultra advances the popular WatchMaster® IP family of thermal imaging cameras by adding pan-and-tilt capability for extended coverage in commercial security and surveillance operations. Developed and produced by the Imaging and Targeting Solutions (ITS) Company of DRS, the WatchMaster® IP Ultra is optimized for IP-based security networks. The WatchMaster® IP Ultra utilizes DRS’ patented Vanadium oxide microbolometer, long-wave infrared detector technology to generate a clear thermal video image with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. It enables companies to enhance the performance of their surveillance and security systems by using thermal imaging technology in place of conventional low-light security cameras that have limited image quality and range capabilities in challenging environments. The WatchMaster® IP Ultra is offered in versions up to 30 frames per second or for simplified export, as low as 9 frames per second. The product is designed for global commercial security and surveillance systems for critical infrastructure, large enterprises, educational institutions, utility companies and more. With its hybrid analog and IP capability, the WatchMaster® IP Ultra provides a seamless transition from analog to IP security systems. When integrated with an IP-based security network, the WatchMaster® IP Ultra can be controlled from a central office, a remote video management system, or DRS’ Web-based utility. As affordably priced as its predecessor, the WatchMaster® IP Elite, the WatchMaster® IP Ultra offers advanced capabilities in a very compact package. The system weighs less than 2.33 kg (5.12 pounds) and occupies a volume of about 6100 cm3 (about 374 cu. in.) The WatchMaster® IP Ultra is available with fixed-focus athermalized lenses with fields of view of 40, 16 and 9 degrees. The WatchMaster® IP Ultra incorporates a tamper-resistant IP66 enclosure for outdoor applications and is conformant with the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF™) standard for interfacing IP-based security devices and also is IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) compliant. ONVIF is a trademark of ONVIF, Inc. Moreover, it is an industry-leader in efficiency, consuming less than 12.95 watts of power.

04 Sep 12. Rubin develops new version of the 9S931 air-defence command post Russia-based NPO Rubin has developed an improved version of the MP 9S931 battalion command post used by the Barnaul-T automated air-defence control system. The new version still uses the MT-LBu tracked chassis that carries the original version, but now incorporates a SRTR (Stantsiya radiotekhnicseskoy razvedki) passive radio sensor fitted on a short folding mast. (Source: Jane’s, JMR)

03 Sep 12. US Navy plans to test a ship-mounted laser weapon. The United States Navy’s (USN’s) Office of Naval Research (ONR) is looking for industry proposals to develop and demonstrate an affordable solid-state laser weapon prototype for shipboard use, it stated in a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) published on 14 August. “We are in the process of developing a laser weapon prototype for the naval surface fleet to counter small, unmanned aerial vehicles and small boat threats,” said Chief of Naval Research Rear Admiral Matthew Klunder. (Source: Jane’s, JMR)

10 Sep 12. Development trials of the Indian Army’s domestically manufactured Pinaka multiple launch rocket system started this week in the country at the Chandan firing range in Pokhran, Rajasthan. Missile manufacturer Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) spokesman Ravi Gupta was quoted by The Times of India as saying that the current trials conducted by DRDO scientists and army were aimed at advanced stage development of the Pinaka system. The trials are schedu

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