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18 Aug 12. A new Genlock camera module offering full High definition uniquely with HD/3G-SDI and LVDS interfaces is now available. This system is designed for use in the broadcast, security and defence markets and provides powerful flexibility. The module provides HD 1920×1080/60/50/30/25 both i and p and 720p enabling it to be used with many platforms. The module is enhanced with true day/night capability and a newly developed Wide Dynamic Range feature (80dB), ensuring the highest quality of video even in difficult viewing conditions. It can provide either HD 3G-SDI or HD-SDI on a BNC coax output, greatly reducing the installation costs whilst providing HD over coax. There is also analogue PAL/NTSC outputs if required. The module utilises the next generation 2.1 Mega pixel 1/3” Bayer CMOS AltaChrome A3372-4T, 12 bit imaging System on Chip technology that provides the highest HDTV image quality at maximum video rate, lowest power and lowest random noise currently available. The built in 20x optical zoom, f=4.7 to 94.0mm, which gives a field of view from 59.4 to 3.0. add to this the digital x12 gives a total of 240x making the unit ideally suited for industrial and security applications providing flexibility and reliability of use. It offers very low light sensitivity achieving 0.02lux mono 0.5lux colour. Powerful control features provide, white balance, sync int/external, AE, flip/reverse images and 8 points privacy masking. It is powered from 6V to 13.5VDC, weighs 290g and size is just 50mmW x64.3mmH x88mm D. This new module brings HD video into a very affordable form whilst providing superb image quality and powerful interfaces to the user.

20 Aug 12. A new form of mobile arms storage unit, which could make storage more efficient while speeding arms repair and reducing troop travel over unsafe roads, is being deployed in Afghanistan. Across the theater, arms rooms intended for temporary use have become permanent fixtures over time, and are unsuited to the task, said Joe McHenry, supervisor in the container area of U.S. Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support. Previously, small arms have frequently been stored in open areas without security or climate control. The new units, built into 20-foot shipping containers, can be deployed by truck, ship, train or air. They come equipped with remote climate control to manage heating, cooling and humidity. Eleven of the new $120,000 units, manufactured by Germany-based B & T Marketing GmbH, have been deployed, and more are on order, with an eye toward eventual deployment at all U.S. forward operating bases. (Source: Defense News)

22 Aug 12. Flir Systems has introduced the A310 PT pan-and-tilt radiometric thermal-imaging camera, an IP66-rated system that can be installed in environments such as coal piles and substations to monitor critical plant for differences in the thermal profile that could indicate an impending problem. The Flir A310 PT can pan 360° and tilt ±45° and acts as an early-warning system by providing accurate temperature management to allow potentially critical situations to be quickly evaluated. It houses a thermal-imaging and daylight/low-light camera (the latter providing a 36x zoom) and is supplied as standard with a 15° and 25° lens. The Flir A310 can be installed almost anywhere and can help plants prevent downtime, avoid fires and enhance workforce safety.
Key features:
Pan-and-tilt capabilities give operators accurate pointing control while
providing fully programmable scan patterns and slew-to-alarm capability.
Other fields of view are optionally available.
Functions included in the camera enable the user to build distributed single- or multi-camera systems to monitor large areas using standard Ethernet hardware and software protocols. Built-in smart features are also included, such as analysis and alarm functionality. A single-sensor copy of the Flir Sensors Manager intuitive software is supplied. (Source: The Engineer Online)

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