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30 Apr 12. Two Raytheon Company (RTN) systems, the Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System (JLENS) and the Patriot Air and Missile Defense System, demonstrated their ability to work together to detect, track and shoot down a test target simulating a hostile cruise missile during an exercise at the Utah Training and Test Range. This test reinforces the ability of Raytheon systems to integrate in support of a comprehensive air and missile defense strategy involving multiple sensors and interceptors.

03 May 12. From riots, civil unrest, and IED’s, today’s infantry is subject to an ever-increasing range of threats demanding multi-threat protection. To combat these, DuPont has developed Nomex® MTP, a fabric that combines thermal protection and protection against small fragments with high mechanical strength. Using Nomex® meta-aramid fibre, it offers high abrasion resistance whilst protecting those acting in a variety of environments against fragments, heat and flame. DuPont™ Nomex® fibres are a critical component in the protective apparel and accessories used by police officers, first responder civil rescue teams, civilian police and military pilots, tank crews, sailors and ground forces all over the world. Nomex® ‘protects our protectors’ with its special technology that doesn’t melt and drip or support combustion in the air, giving protection against flames and intense heat plus offering excellent thermal insulation, durability and freedom of movement for the wearer. As part of its commitment to safety, DuPont continuously develops and enhances its products to meet changing demands and DuPont™ Nomex® MTP has been developed as a new proprietary solution that fulfils the tough requirements of military clothing. Seyntex, a leading Belgian textile manufacturer, recently won a tender in Denmark with its protective garments using the Nomex® MTP fibres. Samuel Vanryckeghem, Nomex® MTP is mainly used for combat uniforms where heat and flame protection is an additional requirement, and provides thermal and physical properties similar to Nomex® fabrics. Nomex® MTP combines the innovative Nomex® LS protective fibres with DuPont Special Core Spun Proprietary technology to add light weight and high mechanical strength properties to the Nomex® MTP fabric. Nomex® MTP offers the soldiers protection against heat and flame in a single fabric and also complies with EN 11612 A, B1 and C1 thermal requirements. Its excellent mechanical properties offer high abrasion resistance and protect against small low energy fragments, such as sand or small flying projectiles caused for example by the blast of an explosion, offering a complete solution that gives piece of mind. Nomex® MTP can be treated with DuPont™ Capstone® water repellent chemicals to protect against wet weather conditions, and vector protection to protect against mosquitoes and other insects. Nomex® MTP can also be printed in accordance with specific colours and infrared values to give low visibility, increasing the wearers’ safety without compromising the fastnesses of the colours when subjected to sunlight, washing or even Whilst the ability for the fabric to perform in hostile environments is crucial, its comfort and durability are just as important. Nomex® MTP lightweight fabric has an innovative two-face structure positioning Nomex® LS protective fibres close to the wearer’s skin, ensuring good wickability.

01 May 12. Dual Mode Brimstone: Success Rate. The Lords’ Defence Spokesman confirmed (1 May 12) that the Brimstone missile performed well during OP ELLAMY, “achieving greater than 98% success rate and making a substantial contribution to the NATO mission to enforce UN Security Council Resolution 1973 and protect the civilian population of Libya”. A number of potential export sales opportunities have been identified for the missile.
Comment: The MoD placed an additional order with MBDA for Dual Mode Brimstone on 11 Aug 11, following OP ELLAMY. Pot

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