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23 Jan 13. Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) will have TAVORs for sale here in the United States this year. This is the same gun designed by Israeli defense forces after the 1982 Israel-Lebanon War, except it’s a semi-automatic—so you, too, can take one home. And with MSRPs that begin at $1,999, it’s not a bad deal for something this cool, although Julie Mac is holding out for one in pink (currently they will be available in flat dark earth and black). Chambered in 5.56 NATO, it has a magazine capacity of 30 cartridges, comes with either a 16.5- or 18-inch barrel and has a Picatinny rail atop for mounting optics or iron sights. Conversion kits will also be available to change chamberings to 9mm or 5.45×39mm. Southpaws rejoice. The TAVOR can be changed to fully left-handed operation, including the charging handle and, get this, the gun uses standard AR-15 magazines. Since the odds are pretty good you have a few of them hanging around, you don’t need to invest in a whole new kit. The cold-hammer-forged barrel comes with six groove, one-in-seven-inch rifling and the longer 18-inch-barreled versions still come in at a compact 27 5/8-inches in overall length. (Source: GunsAmerica Blog)

21 Jan 13. Kimber produces some of the finest single-action semi-automatic handguns on the planet, and its introductions at the 2013 SHOT Show are no exception. A whole new lineup called the Master Carry Series was unveiled last week, with all three siblings chambered in .45 ACP. The Master Carry Pro version sports a four-inch barrel and an aluminum frame that shaves its weight down to 31 ounces. The frame has been rounded in all the right spots to minimize printing and maximize comfort when carrying, and it comes with Crimson Trace’s new Master Carry Lasergrips—striking G10 panels that employ the company’s instinctive laser-activation system. MSRP for the Master Carry Pro is $1,568. The other pair of members in the Master Carry Series have five- and three-inch barrels. Also Delivering a shot at 500 yards accurately is tough, almost impossible without a lot of practice if you’re battling a full value wind and your rifle is chambered in .223 Rem. Even if you move up to .308 Win. and need to deliver a precise shot, you need to understand what you’re up against and there’s no better instrument for doing so than a Kestrel. At first they were considered something of a precision instrument best left in the hands of competitive shooters as they fought gale-force gusts at Camp Perry, but today they’ve found their way into the War on Terror. Take a glimpse at the company’s Ballistics Weather Tracker with Horus Software and you’ll understand why. First it weighs only four ounces. Second it not only collects critical data, but because it includes the Horus Software, there’s no longer any need for a shooter to read the data, then input it into a separate PDA to determine a firing solution. Best of all, it allows the shooter to identify five potential targets, customized by location, declination, wind, distance and direction, then it continuously plots firing solutions by monitoring key environmental conditions, even while they change.(Source: GunsAmerica Blog)

23 Jan 13. Daniel Defense. Of course you want a short-barreled rifle (who doesn’t?), and it’s hard not to dream about having it suppressed. But that would require two tax stamps and probably even longer delays before you could bring your AR-15 dream ride home. Don’t Despair, Daniel Defense introduced the solution at the 2013 SHOT Show in its new 300 ISR. As if that isn’t sexy enough, it’s also chambered in the industry’s hottest cartridge —.300 Blackout. OK, you’re going to need one NFA stamp, but that beats the aforementioned alternative two stamps, because the integral suppressor reaches the gun out to 16.1 inches. Instead of taking off the suppressor you remove the baffle for cleaning, so the gun is not an SBR. The 300 ISR runs on a pistol-length gas system and ships with a 10.3-inch barrel. However,

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