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10 Feb 14. Afghanistan: OP HERRICK. NATO has not yet finalised plans for its post-2014 Afghanistan mission. (Written Answer, 10 Feb 14.)
UK Forces are primarily engaged in mentoring their Afghan counterparts, providing world-class training and support and undertaking our own draw-down and redeployment activity. (Written Statement (WS), 10 Feb 14.)
The number of British bases has been reduced to four plus Camp Bastion. (WS, 10 Feb 14.)
The number of UK personnel involved with the Afghan National Army Officer Academy will probably be between 150 and 250. (WS, 10 Feb 14.)
The MoD has repatriated about half the equipment that has to be repatriated. (WS, 10 Feb 14.)
RAF air traffic controllers from 903 Expeditionary Air Wing have welcomed US assistance. 21 of the controllers are from the RAF, four from the US Marine Corps and one from the RN. (RAF, 14 Feb 14.)
Comment: The Defence Secretary’s Statement is recorded in Hansard for 10 Feb 14, starting in Column 583. The comprehensive Statement is followed by questions from the Shadow Defence Secretary. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 14/08, 17 Feb 14)

14 Feb 14. Flood Relief: Military Assistance. Personnel from the RN/RM, Army and RAF continue to provide flood relief in affected parts of the UK including the South West and the Thames Valley, from where the majority of requests for military assistance have been made. Over 2,000 Service personnel have been committed. (MoD, 14 Feb 14.)
The RAF has flown Tornado GR4 and Sentinel aircraft “to capture optical and radar imagery to help the civilian authorities co-ordinate flood relief efforts”. (MoD, 14 Feb 14.)
The MoD has made provision for further members of the Reserve Forces to be called out for permanent service in support of flood relief operations if necessary. (MoD, 14 Feb 14.)
Comment: The MoD has confirmed that further military assistance is on stand-by “at a state of high readiness to assist if requested”. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 14/08, 17 Feb 14)

12 Feb 14. Central African Republic (CAR): Logistical Support to France. The Foreign Office Minister responsible for the CAR delivered (12 Feb 14) a Written Statement to the House of Commons in which he said that the Prime Minister has offered further logistical support to France. This support includes logistical lifts and air-to-air refuelling as well as the provision of expertise on remotely piloted air systems. The UK is providing a military Officer to assist with planning but will not be providing combat troops.
Comment: The UN High Commissioner for Refugees ended a visit to the CAR and said (12 Feb 14) that “he had witnessed a humanitarian catastrophe of unspeakable proportions”. As at 13 Feb 14, an estimated 714,000 people in the CAR had been displaced. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 14/08, 17 Feb 14)

13 Feb 14. Libya: Military Assistance. The Armed Forces’ Minister said (13 Feb 14) that the UK has a Defence Advisory Team in Tripoli of 24 personnel, commanded by a Brigadier. The Team works to support the UK/Libya relationship and provides advice through advisers serving with the Libyan MoD, Navy, Air Force, Land Forces and Border Security Force. There is a senior disarmament adviser working with the Government of Libya. The Team also provides a base for short-term training teams.
Comment: In November 2013 the UK established a Defence Section, with a Defence Attaché, within the British Embassy in Tripoli. The Libyan Embassy in London includes a Defence Attaché and a Technical Attaché. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 14/08, 17 Feb 14)

15 Feb 14. Armed Forces: Trained Requirements and Strengths. As at 1 Jan 14 the trained (Regular) Armed

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