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10 Sep 03. Thales Communications has launched a new solution against asymmetric threats, known as FLEAS(Flexible Light Electronic Attack System) that provides soft-kill, modular response to hostile personal communication threats. FLEAS combines smart, mobile and expendable communication jammers to build a modular electronic attack capability for use by information operation specialists as well as special forces and light infantry, and law enforcement agencies.

09 Sep 03. Two new variants of the Alvis OMC RG-12 APC have been developed as a direct result of customer requirements. These are the RG-12 CAT, fitted with a Caterpillar engine (Mercedes-Benz engines being fitted to standard RG-12s) and the RG-12 Command Vehicle. The former resulted from requirements from various first world users whilst the command variant was specifically developed for a user in the Middle East. The first unit of the RG-12 CAT is currently with Alvis OMC’s marketing partners for North America, General Dynamic Land Systems of Canada, where it has been fitted with the MARS system. The vehicle is taking part in various demonstrations and shows across North America this year, including Trexpo East in Washington DC in August, The Cops West show in Los Angeles in September and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) meeting in November.

12 Sep 03. On a joint stand at DSEi, Land Rover Ltd and Ricardo displayed their latest military vehicle conversion the Ford F-250/F350 9 seat, 7 tonne payload truck. George Adams of Land Rover told BATTLESPACE that the companies had already supplied 19 versions of the vehicle to the Irish Army, the F-250/F-350 Rapid Deployment vehicle. The range of vehicles are derived form the Ford F-Series, developed in association with DARPA. The vehicle would be ideally suited for the UK MoD’s OUVs requirement, announced at DVD.

10 Sep 03. SARBE announced the development of an Air-Drop Locator System (ADLS) for use by armed forces to drop supplies in both combat and peacetime operations. The SARBE ADLS offers the ability to locate the load with total accuracy in most conditions. Using GPS and secure encrypted digital transmissions on any frequency specified between 225MHz – 300MHz, the load can be quickly located.

09 Sep 03. The Greek Ministry of Defence has identified a requirement for 150 new armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs). These AFVs will be delivered between 2005-2009. There is a future option for further 130 AFVs. ELBO, the Greece defence organisation, was tasked to select three AFV alternatives for this requirement. ELBO has now presented three options to the Greek Ministry of Defence, one of which was the Alvis Hägglunds CV9030.

09 Sep 03. AMS has been awarded a £13.7m contract by the Ministry of Defence (MoD)/Warship Support Agency (WSA) Frigates Integrated Project Team (FIPT) for a second major upgrade to the Type 23 Frigate SSCS Command System. The upgrade integrates the capability of Sonar 2087 and DLH decoy systems into the Combat System, offering the Royal Navy significant benefits from the new capability. The contract will run until 2006.

12 Sep 03. Many congratulations to all the staff and contractors at Spearhead Exhibitions for putting on an excellent show this week.

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