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09 Apr 03. Lockheed Martin Canada, a unit of Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE: LMT), announced its intention to pursue the much anticipated C$3.1bn Maritime Helicopter Project in partnership with NHIndustries and Thales Systems Canada.
The Canadian MH90 Team, led by Lockheed Martin Canada, will offer the MH90, a customized version of the NH90 maritime helicopter, as a replacement for the aging fleet of Sea Kings. In addition to its role as prime contractor, Lockheed Martin Canada will provide the integrated mission system in partnership with Thales Systems Canada.

15 Apr 03. Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN – News) is leading an international consortium in a bid for the preliminary design of the U.S. Navy’s next-generation surface combatant – Littoral Combat Ship (LCS). The Raytheon-led “Team LCS,” today unveiled its concept for a fast, agile, focused mission ship “seaframe” enabled by an assortment of advanced unmanned vehicles and aviation assets to counter littoral asymmetric threats.

14 Apr 03. Saab said on Monday it expected its operating profit and margin to improve further this year, but the margin wouldn’t reach the group’s 10 percent goal until 2004. “The underlying demand in our markets is growing and Saab continues to grow with it,” said the Sweden-based company, which builds, among other products, the JAS 39 Gripen fighter jet together with British BAE Systems
January-March operating profit rose 55 percent to 226m crowns ($26.60m) on 14 percent higher sales of 4.03bn crowns.

16 Apr 03. Over 40,000 troops serving in the current Gulf conflict are keeping in touch with family and friends using Paradigm’s welfare communications service
The first communications cabin has already gone live in Umm Qasr. 15 self-contained, air-conditioned cabins are currently deployed in 5 countries across the Gulf region, containing around 350 telephone handsets and 200 PCs Paradigm has introduced some 1,000 IRIDIUM and GLOBALSTAR satellite communications handsets into the Middle East for welfare calls RN/RFA access is provided via 35 Maritime INMARSAT terminals and 34 MENTOR lines. Paradigm is the BFPO’s primary ‘ebluey’ carrier, delivering 95% of all ‘eblueys’ sent / received

9 Apr 03. The U.S. Army announced that it will create a single command to perform the functions of the current U.S. Total Army Personnel Command in Alexandria, Va., and U.S. Army Reserve Personnel Command in St. Louis, Mo.
PERSCOM and AR-PERSCOM will retain their respective names and unit insignia until a date to be determined, Army officials said. The new command will integrate the two existing organizations as a multi-component field operating agency under the Army G-1. The Army National Guard will integrate functions, where possible, and the Civilian Personnel Operations Center Management Agency will realign into this FOA at a later date, officials said.

17 Apr 03. Boeing Co’s (NYSE:BA – News) proposed $1bn sale of fighters to Malaysia has become hostage to the war in Iraq and the economic impact of the SARS virus, defence industry officials and analysts said on Thursday. Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad went on a two-month vacation at the start of March with the long-pending deal to buy up to 18 F/A-18E/F Super Hornets lying in his in-tray. Washington took umbrage with Mahathir over his scathing criticism of the attack on Iraq, while Malay Muslims’ distress over the war would make it
hard to buy U.S. jets right now.

12 Apr 03. India will sign this year a long-pending deal to buy advanced military trainer jets aimed at giving better training to air force pilots to end a deadly string of aircraft losses. “Yes, it will happen this year. The decision has been taken (by the defence ministry). The finance ministry is not going to sit over it,” Defence Minister George Fernandes said on the sidelines of a business meeting on Saturday.

16 Apr 03. Lockheed Martin has added QUALCOMM Incorporated to its industry team competing for $7bn WIN-T

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