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17 Jun 07.Iraq: OP TELIC. A Lance Corporal from 2nd Royal Tank Regiment died in Southern Iraq when his Warrior vehicle slid off a bridge and overturned on 16 Jun 07. (MoD, 17 Jun 07.) A Major from 4th Bn The Rifles died as a result of an indirect fire attack on the Provincial Joint Co-ordination Centre in Basrah on 20 Jun 07. (MoD, 21 Jun 07.)
A soldier from 4th Bn The Rifles died from injuries sustained from a roadside bomb attack in Basrah on
22 Jun 07. (MoD, 22 Jun 07.)
UK deaths since the start of the Campaign thus rose to 153, of whom 96 have been classified as Killed in Action and 22 as Died of Wounds sustained in action. (MoD, 22 Jun 07.)
UK Forces assisted in an Operation in Al Amarah designed to detain rogue militia. (MoD, 19 Jun 07.)
Up to 31 Dec 06, five suicides in UK Forces have been recorded during deployment in Iraq and 16 post-deployment. (Ministerial Answer (MA), 19 Jun 07.)
Lynx XZ614 had been shot down by a surface-to-air missile in Basrah on 6 May 06 and a coroner had returned a verdict of unlawful killing for those on board. (MoD, 21 Jun 07.)
About 400 Reservists are serving in Iraq. (MA, 21 Jun 07.)
“In Dhi Qar, Muthanna and Maysan security responsibility has now all been transferred to the Iraqi authorities.” (MA, 21 Jun 07.)
HMS SUTHERLAND returned to her home port of Plymouth on 20 Jun 07, following a nine-month Gulf deployment. (MoD, 21 Jun 07.)
Comment: The Defence Secretary said (19 Jun 07) that he would “implement in full” the recommendations of two Reports commissioned following the detention of RN/RM personnel by Iran in March 2007. Lieutenant General Sir Rob Fulton had been asked to investigate the operational aspects of the incident while Mr Tony Hall had been asked to examine the media-handling.
General Fulton’s Report is ‘classified’ although the Defence Secretary suggested it concluded “that there is no case for disciplinary action against any of the individuals involved”. Mr Hall’s Report has been published on the MoD website (www.mod.uk). Such information as has been made public adds up to an apparent ‘whitewash’ of an appallingly embarrassing incident. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0725, 25 Jun 07)

17 Jun 07. Afghanistan: OP HERRICK. Following adverse publicity in the Sunday newspapers (17 Jun 07), the Surgeon General responded to concerns over the provision of medical care and helicopters for UK Forces in Afghanistan. (MoD, 18 Jun 07.)
“The security situation in Afghanistan remains stable, if fragile in places.” (MA, 18 Jun 07.)
Numbers have gone up to slightly less than 7,000 and will increase to 7,700 by the Summer. (MA, 18 Jun 07.)
Overall serviceability of the combat vehicle fleet is assessed as good and improving. (MA, 18 Jun 07.)
Up to 31 Dec 06, one suicide in UK Forces has been recorded during deployment in Afghanistan and one other post-deployment. (MA, 19 Jun 07.)
About 300 Reservists are serving in Afghanistan. (MA, 21 Jun 07.)
An assault bridge was constructed “under combat conditions” during OP BATAKA in the Garmsir area.(MoD, 22 Jun 07.)
Comment: Concern continued to be expressed over the number of Afghan civilians being killed by NATO/US activity. The conduct of Operations was summarised by ‘The Economist’ (23 Jun 07) as: “Too few soldiers and too much bombing from the air is damaging the American-led campaign.”. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0725, 25 Jun 07)

28 Jun 07. Three troops killed in Iraq named. Privates Kerr and Kennedy both served in The Black Watch. The three British soldiers killed by a roadside bomb in the southern Iraqi city of Basra have been named by the Ministry of Defence. Private Scott Kennedy, 20, Private James [Jamie] Kerr, 20, and Corporal Paul Joszko, 28, died in the attack at about 0100 local time on Thursday. (Source: BBC)

19 Jun 07. European Defence Agency (EDA): Membership. The EDA announced (19 Jun 07) that Spain is to join the Code of Conduct for the European Defence Equipment Marke

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