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15 Apr 07. Iraq: OP TELIC. A Parachute Regiment Colour Sergeant and an RAF Sergeant were killed when two Puma helicopters crashed North of Baghdad on 15 Apr 07. The crash is being regarded as an accident. (MoD, 15/16 Apr 07.) A Corporal and a Trooper (i.e. Private) from The Queen’s Royal Lancers were killed by an improvised explosive device in Maysaan Province on 19 Apr 07. The soldiers were on a routine patrol in a Scimitar armoured vehicle. (MoD, 20 Apr 07.) UK deaths since the start of hostilities thus rose to 144 (six from natural causes, 41 accidentally, six from friendly fire and 91 killed in action). From 1 Jan 06 to 31 Mar 07, 155 personnel were categorised as Wounded in Action and 844 were aeromedically evacuated. (MoD, 17 Apr 07.) Between 16 and 31 Mar 07, the figures were seven and 29. The Royal Navy is mandated to provide two destroyers or frigates and one auxiliary oiler tanker to the Gulf and wider region. (Ministerial Answer (MA), 16 Apr 07.) The United States has responsibility for the patrolling of Iraqi territorial waters. Australia and the UK provide support to this task. (MA, 16 Apr 07.) The value of the boats and other equipment seized [by Iranian authorities on 23 Mar 07] was approximately £500,000. (MA, 17 Apr 07.) Maysaan Province was handed over to Iraqi control on 18 Apr 07. (MoD, 18/19 Apr 07.) British troops conducted a search and detention Operation (OP DETROIT) in Basrah City on 18 Apr 07. (MoD, 19 Apr 07.) UK Forces are expressly forbidden from hooding any prisoners or making them adopt stress positions under any circumstances. (MA, 19 Apr 07.)
Comment: As anticipated, the Defence Secretary made a Statement to the House of Commons on 16 Apr 07 covering the seizure of 15 RN/RM personnel on 23 Mar 07 and subsequent actions. Two Inquiries are being held: one covering Operational aspects of the incident and the other a review of “media handling”.(Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0716, 23 Apr 07)

17 Apr 07. Afghanistan: OP HERRICK. From 1 Jan 06 to 31 Mar 07, 122 personnel were categorised as Wounded in Action and 352 were aeromedically evacuated from Afghanistan. (MoD, 17 Apr 07.) Between 16 and 31 Mar 07, the figures were
four and nine. “HM Forces in Afghanistan are there as part of a peace-enforcement Operation.” (MA, 16 Apr 07.) Unofficial estimates put the number of land mines at between five and seven million over some 715 square kilometres in Afghanistan. (MA, 16 Apr 07.) The 51mm mortar is approaching its planned out of service date and is being augmented by a purchase of a more modern 60mm mortar. (MA, 16 Apr 07.) There are four return TriStar flights per week on the airbridge to Afghanistan. (MA, 16 Apr 07.) There are currently six GR7 and two GR9 Harrier aircraft operating in Afghanistan. (MA, 16 Apr 07.)
Comment: The Defence Secretary explained (16 Apr 07) that the costs of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), as with all NATO Operations, are met nationally. All 26 NATO as well as 11 non-NATO nations have deployed troops with ISAF since 2001. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0716, 23 Apr 07)

26 Apr 07. The U.K. MoD SUV IPT has issued a requirement for the supply of 180 Medium Protected Patrol Vehicles (MPPV) for likely delivery in early 2009. The MPPV will be a wheeled vehicle, with an approximate gross vehicle weight of 14 tonnes, capable of carrying up to 7 crew members, providing protected mobility and offering very high levels of protection against a number of known and emerging threats of a varied nature including Ballistic, Blast, Mine and Fragmentation. MPPVs are principally required for a wide range of patrol tasks and are normally expected to operate on roads and rough tracks in urban, semi-urban and rural environments; however they need to be sufficiently agile to provide a degree of cross-country mobility. Deadline for EOI: 11/05/07; Proposed ITT issue date: 26/05/08; Proposed ITT return date 31/08/08; Estimated Value £20-100m.

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